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Venere rice: properties and benefits

Venus rice

Venere rice: properties, benefits and everything you need to know about this particular rice rich in vitamins, minerals and lots of taste.

Venere rice has very appreciable properties. It is in fact a type of brown and fragrant rice that gives the dishes an unmistakable aroma and at the same time boasts a whole series of benefits that make it unique in its kind. Let’s find out which are the most important to know and why consuming it is so good for everyone’s health and in particular for those on a diet.

Venere rice: why it is good to eat it

Brown rice is a variety of Italian rice born from the cross between an Asian black rice and one grown in the Po Valley.

Venus rice
Venus rice

Aromatic and rich in fiber, it makes each recipe special, while at the same time giving a whole series of benefits that make it unique. In addition to being gluten-free, it contains vegetable proteins, mineral salts and antioxidants and is rich in iron, calcium, zinc and selenium .
It can therefore be said that black rice has very important nutritional values ​​and that among other things it is also an antioxidant food and therefore considered beneficial.
Here are some of the reasons why it is considered a beneficial food:

– It is rich in fiber
– Does not contain gluten
– It is rich in vegetable proteins
– Represents a good source of lysine
– Contains minerals and vitamins
– It is a brown rice and therefore suitable for those on a diet

All this with only 310 calories per 100 grams of product which, among other things, contain about 65 grams of carbohydrates, 7.7 of proteins, 2 of fats and 4.8 of fibers. Finally, we must not forget the quantities of zinc, selenium, manganese, iron and calcium that make it a healthy food in all respects.

How to consume Venere rice

Venere rice has the prerogative of being able to be prepared in various ways.
Perfect for those on a diet, it can also be consumed in larger quantities than other qualities of rice. Being integral, in fact, it tends to raise the glycemic index less.

Whether it is prepared boiled, pilaf, in the form of risotto or other, it is therefore an excellent source of energy that is worth inserting in your diet . In this way you will in fact have the certainty of consuming something healthy that is also good and rich in properties capable of supporting the body.

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