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Visual defect correction: from laser techniques to refractive surgery


Sight, among the five senses, is what determines most of the movements and actions performed habitually.

For this reason, vision defects , which currently affect millions of people around the world, can affect the quality of life.

In most cases, these are congenital defects , due to a conformation of the lens or other internal parts of the eye that do not allow perfect focus, and the only possible resolution, until recently, was limited. the use of glasses or contact lenses .

Thanks to scientific research and continuous advances in medicine and ophthalmic surgery, it is now possible to successfully intervene and resolve the most common vision defects permanently and with maximum safety, naturally by turning to serious professionals with proven experience and reliability.

In this context, for example, Dr Angelo Appiotti stands out, a surgeon who has dedicated and continues to dedicate his work to the search for innovative refractive techniques with which to correct the visual defects of his patients.

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What are the most common sight defects

The main refractive defects of the eye, due to anomalies, usually congenital, or genetic, concern the size and proportions of the eyeball and its internal parts, are myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.

Myopia involves the difficulty of focusing on distant objects, which appear indistinct and blurred, while hyperopia and astigmatism cause a general blur, more or less marked, in relation to the extent of the defect itself both from a distance and from near.

Generally these are defects present from birth, which over the years, as a result of the natural aging processes of the tissues or the onset of further problems, can vary, sometimes worsen or stabilize. On the other hand, presbyopia , another very widespread refractive defect that affects everyone, consists in a difficulty in focusing for nearby objects, which occurs in most people on average after the age of 45-50 .

Relying on a specialized and competent surgeon , familiar with laser technology and able to offer a specific and personalized solution for each individual case, means rediscovering the pleasure of perfect vision and definitively freeing yourself from the constraints of contact lenses and glasses.

In this regard, Dr. Angelo Appiotti puts all his professionalism and experience at the service of those who wish to improve the quality of their life by obtaining perfect eyesight , eliminating the sense of insecurity and discomfort typical of those suffering from refractive defects.

A specific and different (customized) technique is applied to each problem and a unique and personalized intervention is proposed, with the aim of obtaining the best result and minimizing recovery times.

Refractive surgery: the methods of intervention

Currently, the laser is the most used instrument for ophthalmic surgery , as it offers high precision and safety, as well as being minimally invasive, with extremely short recovery times.

With traditional PRK laser techniques and with the most recent LASIK and ReLEx Smile it is possible to completely eliminate the typical vision defects, myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness, with a rapid intervention which, in most cases, is performed with a few drops of anesthetic. local.

For patients with more complex problems, such as high myopia or the presence of multiple overlapping defects, the surgeon may propose the removal of the natural lens and the implantation of an intraocular lens as a solution. This is the Facorefractive technique, which consists in making a very small incision, through which the surgeon fragments and removes the lens , and then inserts an artificial lens , using the most suitable for each individual case.

It is a safe and definitive intervention, which does not involve side effects and does not compromise the aesthetics of the eyes.

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