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Vitamin B: why it is so important and where to find it

Vitamin B: why it is so important and where to find it

In order for our body to work properly, it is fundamental to take the right amount of vitamin B. Here’s everything about its benefits.

Eating healthy is important to take all the nutrients we need. Among these, there is vitamin B: it helps developing the nervous system and regulates our metabolism, controlling the processes of our organism.

You should be aware that there are different types of vitamin B. We always talk about B group vitamins, which are marked by numbers, for example vitamin B12. Each of them has fundamental functions in our body. Let’s learn something more about it!

Vitamins B: what they are for

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B group vitamins regulate many functions of our body. For example, they balance our cholesterol levels, speed metabolism up and regulate blood pressure.

These vitamins keep our nails, skin and hair healthy. They are also fundamental in developing our nervous system and to hinder the risk of degenerative illnesses, such as the Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia.

Vitamins B deficiencies can cause serious problems. The first symptoms are concentration problems, muscle cramps, irritability and tingling. In particular, a lack of vitamin B9 (folic acid) in pregnancy can be very dangerous for the fetus. This deficiency increases the risk of neural tubeproblems.

Vitamin B: foods

A lot of foods contain these vitamins. Let’s see together which ones.

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Vitamin B1 is mainly contained in brewer’s yeast, soy, cereals and spirulina algae. Instead, a lot of spices, like sage, pepper, turmeric, bay leaves and tarragon contain vitamin B6. If you want to take vitamin B9, you should eat bananas and leafy green vegetables (salad, spinach, cabbage or chard).

Taking vitamin B12 can be a problem for people following a vegan or vegetarian diet. Animal origin foods mostly contain it: beef, bovine liver, aged cheeses and eggs.

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