viamina B12 foods

Vitamin B12 in food is pretty easy to find. Let’s find out in which foods it is most present and why it is important to take it.

To eat properly it is essential to consume foods with vitamin B12. It is an essential vitamin for the body, both for giving it energy and for the synthesis of hemoglobin. It is therefore very important to ensure your intake by choosing food with vitamin B12 every day. This is the only way to avoid deficiencies that in the long run could compromise good health .

Foods that contain vitamin B12

Fortunately, there are many and varied foods rich in vitamin B12. Consequently, it is enough to follow a varied diet to be sure that you are getting the right amount of this precious vitamin. Among the many, those in which it is most present are:

viamina B12 foods
viamina B12 foods

– Offal
– The octopus
– Seafood
– Trout and salmon (also smoked)
– The eggs
– Emmenthal, parmesan and other aged cheeses
– Yogurt and Greek yogurt
The mozzarella
– The tuna
– Shrimps
– Semi-skimmed milk
– Spirulina algae
– Cereals with added vitamin B12
– The muesly with vitamin B12

In case of overt deficiency , do-it-yourself is obviously not recommended. While a diet rich in vitamin B12 and prescribed by a good nutritionist can help solve the problem quickly.
Situation to be taken into consideration if you were to follow, for example, a vegan diet.

Why it is important to take foods with vitamin B12

This important vitamin, unfortunately, is not synthesized by the body , which is why it must necessarily be taken through food or the appropriate supplements.

In fact, deficiencies can also lead to rather serious damage that can occur both in the nervous system and in other contexts. Fortunately, this is a very rare situation.

In case of difficulty in assimilating it, you can still contact a doctor to determine what to do, inserting it more precisely through food or prescribing one of the various supplements on the market. Supplements that, of course, it is always better not to take without first consulting your doctor . An excess of vitamin B12 can also lead to problems.

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