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How to recognize if you suffer from vitamin D deficiency and what food to eat every day to solve this problem?

Vitamin D is fundamental for the functioning of our bones and for our nervous and immune systems. Its main task is to allow the intestine to absord calcium. When this does not happen or it is not enough, it causes vitamin D deficiencies which can lead to osteoporosis or rickets.

Let’s find out together the main symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and which are the best foods to eat to solve this problem.

Vitamin D deficiency: symptoms

In order to understand if you suffer from this problem, you need to run a blood test. Your doctor will then tell you if there is a deficiency and its seriousness. One of the most common symptoms is muscle weakness.

Moreover, when vitamin D levels are low, you often feel tired and depressed. As an effect, you feel fatigue even after you have rested. Your bones weaken and your skeleton develops malformation, such as spine or leg arching. It can also happen that your wrist and knee joints enlarge.

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Vitamin D deficiency: causes

Among the main causes of this problem there is a poor diet and a lack of exposure to sunlight. There are specific pathologies which need more vitamin D than the usual. For example, in case of kidney and liver diseases which alter the body absorption of this substance.

This is the case fo alcoholics and people who suffer from liver failure or cystic fibrosis. Another cause can be aging, because the more you get old, the more your skin can synthetize vitamin D.

Taking vitamin D through food

One of the vitamin D richest food is fish, especially trout, salmon, swordfish, tuna, mackerel and sardines. Even eggs are very good, especially their yolk, but also milk and butter.

For what concerns meat, liver, chicken, duck and turkey are rich in vitamin D. Try also cereals, corn flakes, mushrooms and green leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard and beet tops.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/salmone-cotto-cibo-di-pesce-erbe-1238248/

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