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Some studies have shown that taking vitamin D in the first months of life decreases the symptoms of asthma.

This is a respiratory disease  very common in the Western world. Because of pollution or increased exposure to allergens, more and more children suffer with this disease. However, vitamin D can help. Several studies found out that supplements of this vitamin can relieve the symptoms of asthma and reduce the crises. Recently, researchers have been trying to understand whether vitamin D taking during infancy can reduce the risk of suffering from this disease.

Vitamin D and asthma

We already know that vitamin D has a huge impact on our health. It improves the immune system and the absorption of calcium, necessary for strengthening our bones. It also has important effects on one of the most frequent respiratory diseases, asthma.

Vitamin D: if taken during childhood it reduces the risk of asthma
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A study published on JAMA showed that taking this vitamin in the first months of life can decrease the risk of contracting the disease. The research involved 300 preterm African-American children (between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy). The sample was chosen because this population is at greater risk of suffering from this disease.

The first group of babies took vitamin D only through a correct diet, while a second group took supplements of 600 IU daily. The results, after 12 months, have shown a lower occurrence of “wheezing”, typical of the disease, in infants with a greater integration of vitamin D.

Wheezing and asthma in infants

The above study analyzed one of the symptoms that often precede asthma attacks. Newborns who showed “wheezings” had a higher risk to suffer from this disease. For this reason, the results seems to be particularly relevant.

The fact that infants who took vitamin D supplements had less frequently wheezings may be related to a decrease in the risk of suffering from asthma in childhood and adulthood.

Photo source: https://pxhere.com/it/photo/206522

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