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Vitamin F: a useful ally for losing weight and fighting cholesterol


This particular compound, made up of essential fatty acids, is great for losing weight and helping heart health. Let’s find out all about Vitamin F.

Vitamin F is a very particular compound rich in fundamental beneficial properties for our body. In fact, in addition to regulating many metabolic processes, it is indicated for losing weight quickly, counteracting the action of cholesterol and protecting the health of the heart and circulatory system. Vitamin F is formed from the mixture of two different fatty acids, which makes it a fat-soluble compound , which is able to break down in contact with fats. Specifically, this compound consists of linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid and some percentages of arachidonic acid. These elements are part of the large omega 3 family, which is useful for brain function and heart health.

Benefits of Vitamin F

Among the many benefits that vitamin F can offer, we can certainly underline its great ability to control the oxidation of bad cholesterol . This has positive consequences and benefits for the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

vitamin f and nuts
vitamin f and nuts

Moreover, thanks to the properties of the fatty acids that compose it, this vitamin can prove to be a useful ally for reducing body weight , and therefore, extra pounds. In practice, therefore, we can say that the benefits of this vitamin focus on protecting against cardiovascular diseases.

It should also be remembered that linoleic acid greatly lowers the risk of contracting coronary heart disease , thus preventing the arteries from clogging due to cholesterol.

According to many experts, the many advantages of vitamin F make it clear how important it is to replace saturated fats in one’s diet with polyunsaturated ones , which are much easier to metabolize and less harmful.

Vitamin F: where to find it

This is why you need to know which foods can be consumed without taking risks or exceeding the doses. First we can refer to olive oil , but soy or corn oil also contain good doses of this vitamin.

In addition, walnuts, almonds, and dried fruit in general, are an excellent source of this compound, as well as vitamin E. In any case, before introducing vitamin F into your diet, or perhaps increasing the doses, it is always better to ask your doctor for advice .

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