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Waiting for … Chiara Ferragni lingerie: the underwear signed by Ferry will soon be with us

Chiara Ferragni

After the launch of the school set and the line dedicated to newborns, the collection of the Chiara Ferragni brand is ready to launch its lingerie line.

In fact, something strange was in the air, and a post was enough to answer a question that the fashion addicted fans of the eyelike brand had already surely asked themselves: but Chiara Ferragni did not think of a lingerie line ? She has been wearing and has been an ambassador for a long time of Intimissimi underwear, but something thought and created exclusively by her was missing.

No sooner said than done, after wearing and launching a precious Intimissimi lingerie body, a bralette appeared on her Instagram profile that immediately aroused our attention, until it was her caption that removed all doubts: the first lingerie line by Chiara Ferragni is about to arrive, and all the premises make us think that it will be impossible not to fall in love with it at the first release.

Chiara Ferragni lingerie: the first underwear line created by the influencer for her brand

While Victoria’s Secret revises its collections to make them more inclusive, less sophisticated and expensive, Chiara Ferragni is ready to launch a line that will most likely be a direct competitor of the lingerie lines designed for all sizes: the influencer has always been at the forefront. in guaranteeing sustainable and inclusive fashion. Added to this is the trendy and iconic touch, whose eye with stars is now a guarantee.

The lingerie line by Chiara Ferragni certainly promises to go beyond the very concept of underwear: it is no coincidence that in the photo posted a few days ago, Ferry showed her shiny leather-effect bralette, combined with black denim trousers and a shocking pink blazer, a very glamorous evening look. The model in question, bold , rock and sexy , complete with a star-shaped pendant is already a taste of this collection that has not yet been released.

Ferry’s first lingerie line, when will it come out and where to buy it

On the Chiara Ferragni brand website this small novelty, announced quietly as a September surprise by Chiara during the summer, is not yet present: in fact there is not yet a section dedicated to lingerie and in fact the same influencer has not released a date. , writing as a caption to the post in which she wears one of the pieces of the collection: intimate coming super soon !. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that updates will be available on Ferry’s company and personal profiles as early as next week.

Initially, like most of the items released in its collections, the lingerie line will perhaps only be available for purchase on the brand’s website , but it cannot be excluded that later it may also be distributed by specific selected retailers. For now we just have to stay tuned !

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