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Waiting for Christmas, beauty advent calendars make us beautiful … also discovering new products!

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From beauty to make-up, the advent calendars dedicated to beauty are an opportunity to pamper yourself while waiting for Christmas.

Christmas has always been a magical moment, which begins in the months preceding its expectation. Advent calendars, which have come back into fashion in recent years in the food sector as well as in the beauty sector, have always represented an opportunity to experience this holiday period with anticipation and curiosity. How many of you as a child loved to discover and unwrap a chocolate every day to find out what would be the special one that was hidden in the box of December 24th? A little bit of all of them, and the good news is that you can relive and return to dedicate yourself to this ritual even with a different advent calendar, ready to give us surprises every day in make-up and skincare format!

Beauty advent calendars 2021: Dior, Saint Laurent, Chanel, how much they cost

This year not even the big fashion houses could escape the ritual of the advent calendar, giving all their customers a moment and a luxury product to (re) discover every day. In fact, for brands these calendars are an opportunity to present products that are perhaps still unknown in small dimensions or to build customer loyalty, giving them the opportunity to find all their favorite products.

Dior has thought of a calendar in which you can find all the beauty products: perfumes, make-up, make-up, small accessories, nothing has been left out, while waiting to find out on which day to find a small gift, a scented candle signed Dior. The packaging that reproduces the headquarters of the maison in pastel colors is also wonderful. The price is 410 euros, which can be purchased on the Dior website .

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– On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Chanel n ° 5 , an iconic fragrance conceived by Mademoiselle Coco, the Chanel advent calendar has precisely the shape of the prestigious perfume: in black and white this model is a real joy for all fashion addicts of the brand, which has really put everything inside. Accessories, handbag perfumes, lipsticks, everything that is perfect synonymous with luxury and elegance. The product is on sale only in the Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Boutique , in a very limited edition.

– With a golden and decidedly more Christmas packaging is the advent calendar according to Yves Saint Laurent , dedicated exclusively to make-up: lipsticks, mascara and brushes, the idea is to give your customers in miniature format the essentials of a make-up ready-to-wear. Available in Sephora stores at a price of 319 euros .

Nivea, L’Oreal, Benefit: advent calendars at smart prices

The luxury beauty advent calendar could certainly be a gift to be given by taking the opportunity to try the beauty products of our favorite brand at an affordable price, but if you are looking for something smart, practical and fun, there is something really for all tastes and easily purchased online.

2021 L'Oreal Advent Calendar
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So far we have only talked about make-up products, but let’s not forget that our ideal advent calendar can also be dedicated to skincare, so that we can test new products to enrich or revise our beauty routine, such as the one designed by Nivea with a cost of about 35 euros or also dedicated to hair products, as L’Oreal has created it in an all-Parisian packaging at the price of 70 euros . And if we don’t want to forget about our eyebrows and have always loved the colorful world of Benefit , the brand has come up with an advent calendar that turns into a colorful box.

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