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Waiting for Emily in Paris 2: Lancôme dedicates a make up collection to the Netflix series

Lily Collins

From Lancôme a must-have make-up for all Parisian style addicted and Emily in Paris fans.

Daughter of Sex and the City in an updated and contemporary version, how many are passionate about the adventures of the American super social media manager traveling to the wonderful and romantic Paris: Emily in Paris has hit the heart of all fashion and digital addicts, so much so that On December 22nd, as promised by mom Netflix, a second season will arrive to reveal the future and the new adventures of the character played by Lily Collins . And in the meantime Lancôme has well thought of giving a gift to all the fans of the series: a make-up collection that incorporates all the shades chosen by Emily during her new life in Paris.

Emily in Paris x Lancôme: a make-up collection with a delicate and pop palette

In reality, this make-up capsule could also have been foreseen and not so unexpected: after Julia Roberts and Zendaya, Lily Collins could not escape the attention of the French brand that in her and in the complicity of her character saw the perfect physiognomy and charm of one of his new young testimonials directly from the world of cinema. Said and done, after his formalization as an ambassador of the brand’s skincare, immediately after the announcement of this special collection.

It is not simply a cosmetic bag or a product, Lancôme has thought of a real capsule that includes a palette inspired by the rosy and brown colors that characterize the look of the protagonist , perfumes with strong essences inspired by the spirit of Emily and a delicate skincare line . The packaging of the eye palette is delightful, in a black and red heart, and the glamorous clutch bag in which to insert the products, which recalls the symbols of the series, whose writing is at the center of this pret a porter bag. A real treat for anyone who has fallen in love with Emily’s Parisian style in the series.

Where to buy the make up capsule dedicated to the Netflix series

Lancôme has currently piqued attention and curiosity by posting various posts on Instagram, including the one in which it is possible to view the products and gadgets , which will make up this capsule that will be released in a limited edition. The release date of the capsule has not yet been made official and there is still no possibility to pre-order it on the French brand’s website.

Surely it will be available for purchase on the Lancôme website, and it is not certain that in the vicinity of December, perhaps even shortly before the series is released on Netflix, there will not be any particular initiative to receive it exclusively or to join dedicated initiatives and special events. We therefore recommend that you check the brand’s website or Instagram profile frequently.

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