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Wakame seaweed: all the benefits for the body and for the diet

wakame seaweed salad

Perfect for detoxifying the body from metals and other harmful substances, wakame seaweed is beneficial because it is a natural anti-inflammatory rich in iodine and mineral salts!

Oriental cuisine is increasingly popular in Italy, not only for its taste but also for its beneficial characteristics. An example is that of Japanese seaweed and, in particular, of iodine-rich wakame seaweed and with ultra-healthy powers for our body.

Taking it will help us to eliminate heavy metals from our body, to balance the thyroid as well as to promote weight loss. Then, it is able to relieve intestinal inflammation and eliminate stomach acid . Let’s find out more now!

Wakame seaweed, what it is and why it is good

The wakame seaweed is the name used to indicate the Undaria pinnatifida plant which is part of the so-called “brown” algae family. It represents a cure-all for our body and for our daily diet thanks to its innumerable properties.

It facilitates the elimination of toxic substances in our body, especially heavy metals ,” explained nutritionist biologist Lucia Vallesi in an interview for VanityFair . In addition, thanks to the high concentration of iodine “it stimulates the thyroid metabolism and thus facilitates weight loss “.

In addition to iodine, it is rich in minerals that are healthy for our body, including selenium, which is also useful for balancing the thyroid and promoting weight loss. Most discussed is instead his satiating power but what about, abbiniamolo to a second plate or the salad mixed to absorb the most of the beneficial properties!

Wakame seaweed and intestine

Taking wakame seaweed (like kombu or spirulina algae ) is also important for the intestine and digestive system thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. The small marine plant is in fact able to relieve gastric disorders (such as gastroesophageal reflux), heartburn and stomach acid.

This is thanks to the presence of alginates which are powerful colloidal fibers whose job is to protect and soothe the gastric mucous membranes. Not bad for a small aquatic plant, is it?

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