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Washing your hair with Coca Cola: pure madness or an effective way to make it shiny?


Is washing hair with Coca Cola really effective? It seems to have become a habit that many follow, but is it good or crazy?

Are we talking about a simple fashion dictated by madness or an effective method to make hair even cleaner and healthier ? Apparently washing your hair with Coca Cola would seem to have become a habit of many beauty addicts and influencers, which is why we are wondering if it is really so suitable for a correct cleaning of the hair … Defined, therefore, a real beauty secret, born from the minds of many Americans. But are the results guaranteed? Let’s find out more!

How to wash your hair with Coca Cola?

Washing your hair with such a drink would seem to represent sheer madness . Yet there are those who do it every day to make their hair stronger, healthier and almost perfect …

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But how to wash your hair with Coca Cola? In addition to the fact that there are many super positive opinions about it, you should also know the right method to wash your hair . First of all, therefore, we must shampoo and then continue with a bottle of Coca Cola, without the need to rinse. Simple and – apparently – super effective.

Pros and cons of Coca Cola hair wash

The result will be immediately visible from the moment the hair is softer, more full-bodied and ready for a lasting styling . Obviously, many speak well of it, but we do not know if in the long run this type of method could damage the skin in some way. Coca Cola is still a drink and not a shampoo designed for the health of the hair!

According to many influencers and beauty addicted, Coca Cola would make right now the brightest hair, bright and light. Obviously, if we intend to try it, let’s position ourselves on a sink in such a way as to wash only and only the hair. Therefore, it would be better to avoid Coca Cola shampoo in the shower …

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