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Water aerobics: all the benefits of working out in the water

Water aerobics: all the benefits of working out in the water

If you do not like going to the gym, then you can decide to work out in the water: water aerobics may be the ideal alternative

Water aerobics may be the right alternative to work out if you don’t like going to the gym or if you love the swimming pool. Exercising in water has many benefits: other than being enjoyable and fun,  is very useful for toning up your gluteus and hips. Moreover, it is good for your back and to fight cellulite… It is a very complete exercise!

Find out everything about all water aerobics benefits and its exercises!

How to lose weight with water aerobics

You can lose weight with water aerobics and the right exercises. The effort you put in the exercises is completely different than the ones in the gym. Moreover, working out in the water has several benefits.

In water aerobics there is no impact with the ground, which often cause unpleasant traumas. The exercises focus on your strength and resistance. Your muscles will tone up and your curves will become more balanced. In just a month of regular practice (3 times a week) you will see many improvements.


Even if you do not realize it, when you move in the water you use all your body muscles, just like when you’re swimming. Your legs, arms, abdominals and gluteus will benefit from it. In addition, water acts as a natural hydro massage, which will help fighting cellulite.

The benefits of water aerobics

There are also other health benefits:

• Prevention of some joint diseases: strengthening your muscles reduces the chances of bone traumas.

Relax: some relaxing courses such as yoga or stretching in the water should not be underestimated! In this way, it is possible to prevent stiffness, stress, and joint pain.

• In the water your weight is reduced by 10%, therefore this type of gymnastics is also useful to prevent any trauma and injuries.

• Water improves blood circulation.


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