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Do you have water in your ears? Here the remedies to get rid of it

Do you have water in your ears? Here the remedies to get rid of it

After a day at the swimming pool or a shower, it is quite common to have water on your ears. But how to get rid of it? Here’s a list of natural remedies!

Having water in your ears in something very common. It can happen after you’ve swum in the sea, in the swimming pool or simply during a shower. Usually, it goes away quickly, but when it doesn’t, it means the water is trapped in your ears and you need to do something.

It can cause pain and reduce your hearing, but can also cause inflammation. However, doing something is easy: here’s some remedies to get rid of it!

Water in the ears: what to do?

  • Gravity. The first and most immediate thing to do is resorting to gravity. Therefore, bend your head on the side and press your ear with your hand for a few seconds. Then, remove your hand and wait for to water to exit from your ear.
  • Chewing. The movements you do when you chew something act on the ear and help it get rid of the trapped water.
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  • Olive oil. One of the most common grandma’s old remedies to get rid of water in the ears. Heat a small quantity of olive oil, put it in a dropper and pour 2-3 of them in your ear after bending the head. Keep the position for at least 10 minute.
  • Hot compress. This is the best wat to open the Eustachian tube, the channel that links the ear to the pharynx. Soak a towel in a bowl full of hot water. Wring it out, then put it on your ear for about 30 seconds, while bending your head.
  • Hair dryer. In order to let the water in your ear evaporate, turn on the hot jet of your hair dryer and put it next to your ear, but not too close. After a few minutes, bend your head and wait for the water to exit.
  • Steam. The same technique we use for inhalations is useful to get rid of this problem. Steam helps opening the Eustachian tube and get rid of the water.

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