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Water retention, causes and remedies of a widespread blemish

Woman with bottle of water

Water retention is a common problem in one in three women who causes swelling in the legs, abdomen and buttocks. Let’s find out how to counter it.

About one in three women suffer from water retention, a problem that becomes more invasive during the summer. In fact, accomplices by heat and humidity , the organism tends to retain liquids and lymphatic substances. This causes an accumulation of fluids in the interstitial spaces of the organism, i.e. those between cell and cell, which can lead to abnormal swelling . The imperfections of water retention occur more frequently on the abdomen, buttocks, ankles and legs. However, there are remedies, even natural, for this unpleasant imperfection. Let’s understand what they are.

Water retention: what causes it?

To fully understand what water retention is and how it should be treated, it is necessary to understand that the causes are different. Knowing them can help you understand which solutions to adopt. In general, water retention can be caused by a diet that is too rich in salt or by food intolerances, such as lactose for example. In other circumstances, this problem is linked to serious diseases such as:

-kidney failure
heart failure

Drug abuse is also one of the main causes of water retention, especially if it is based on cortisone, contraceptive, anti-inflammatory or hormone therapy products.

Swelling water retention
Swelling water retention

Finally, water retention can also suffer from genetic causes which, in most cases, are related to sugar metabolism . In these cases, in fact, it is likely that insulin is used which also performs the function of retaining sodium and therefore, water retention is likely to occur.

Water retention: solutions and remedies

As we have said, however, retention is completely curable and, if you think you are suffering from it, the first advice is to contact your doctor. However, there are remedies such as sports and physical activity . In this case, activities such as running, walking, walking or cycling, and aqua-gym are particularly indicated.

In order to deflate the legs, or the areas affected by this imperfection, an excellent solution is to consume a lot of water, or resort to draining herbal teas. In fact, when the organism is not sufficiently hydrated, a defense mechanism comes into play. The water is then retained in the empty spaces between the cells, causing swelling, particularly in the ends of the body.

However, there are some good habits that help to avoid the concentration of fluids and lymph in the body. For example, often cool your ankles and calves with cold water or avoid tight shoes and high heels, so as to help the outflow of blood and strengthen the circulatory system. Finally you can perform simple exercises such as walking on the heels and toes for a few minutes. In this way it is possible to drain and strengthen the ankles.

Water retention: the most correct diet

Diet is also very important and if you want to avoid water retention then it is better to avoid salty, industrial or particularly processed and refined foods . It is also better to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, better if rich in vitamin C. This substance in fact protects capillaries and veins, not to mention that it improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

Water retention remedies
Woman with bottle of water

Substituting carbohydrates for whole grains is another solution because the fibers stimulate intestinal activity and avoid constipation. In this way, problems at the abdominal circulatory level are also avoided.

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