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Water retention in pregnancy: why it occurs and how to fight it

pregnant woman

Water retention in pregnancy? Find out what it depends on and how to defeat it naturally.

Water retention in pregnancy is a very common problem that occurs with greater incidence in the last months of gestation . This is a problem that, among other things, is due to hormonal changes that often lead to the stagnation of fluids. A problem that fortunately can be solved in a natural way, thanks to some simple strategies .

Water retention in pregnancy: symptoms

When fluid retention occurs during pregnancy, there are symptoms that more than others can help you recognize the problem in time. Among them, the most common are:

pregnant woman
pregnant woman

– Swelling in the legs and, more generally, in the lower limbs
Shiny leather
– Sign of edema to the pressure of the skin
– General swelling
– Sense of heaviness

Generally these symptoms tend to worsen in the warmer months . However, this is not a serious condition, especially since there are different remedies for water retention in pregnancy.

Water retention in pregnancy: how to fight it naturally

When you suffer from fluid stagnation, there are various strategies to be implemented to improve the situation. First of all it may be indicated to work on the circulation by keeping the legs raised when on the sofa or in bed. To do this, just place a pillow under them.

It is also important to wear shoes that are more comfortable than usual and that can support the increasing weight. If possible, it is best to avoid standing too much. Obviously, it is also not recommended to spend too much time sitting. A happy medium with a few short walks from time to time is definitely the best choice.

Nutrition should also be taken care of, avoiding packaged and salt-rich products and preferring the consumption of fruit and vegetables (unless, of course, different indications from the treating doctor).

Light lymphatic drainage massages can offer extra help, also giving relief to the legs. Obviously, the advice to drink a lot of water (possibly with low fixed residue) remains valid and in some cases you can also think of associating it with herbal remedies or draining herbal teas. However, these will always be recommended by the attending physician.

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