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Water retention: the most effective natural remedies

woman legs

Water retention: the remedies to know to improve health and eliminate the sense of swelling.

When you suffer from water retention, the remedies are never enough. Indeed, each person has different situations that can make certain aids more or less effective. However, there are several things that can be done to reduce this discomfort as much as possible, significantly decreasing water retention in the legs and in general.

How to fight water retention

woman legs
woman legs

If you are wondering how to eliminate water retention, know that the first thing to do is understand the reasons for it. These can in fact be linked to a wrong lifestyle, a diet too rich in salt or other problems such as the effects of the pill or other drugs or triggering causes such as allergy or various diseases. In any case, trying to defeat it is very important not only from an aesthetic point of view but also for health and circulation.

The first thing to do, therefore, is to change your lifestyle and diet and if you are overweight, try to reduce it. Of course, long walks and a little physical activity can also help. And even if not everyone believes it is possible, it is important to drink a lot of water but be careful in choosing one with a low fixed residue . In general, these precautions are already useful for relieving mild water retention. However, there are also other solutions that can be added.

Remedies for water retention: which are the natural and most effective ones

Whether you suffer from water retention in the thighs or in general, there are several remedies that can be implemented. If you also suffer from water retention, and what to do is your biggest question, then you will be pleased to know that there are several additional remedies.

  • The first consists of lymphatic drainage massages , very useful for improving circulation and helping to drain excess fluids.
  • Then there are natural substances which, taken in the form of a decoction, help to deflate in a natural way. Among these, the best known are birch , anise, fennel, blueberry and hypericum.
  • Going to supplements, gotu kola and pilosella are particularly useful. And if you want to stay absolutely natural, lemon juice ingested in the morning on an empty stomach or during the day stimulates diuresis.

Putting together multiple strategies is certainly the best way to act. However, it should be remembered that water retention should never be underestimated. If with these remedies it does not resolve or if it is too pronounced, the advice is to ask your doctor for an opinion.

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