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We make the special underwire fusilli at home!

Underwire fusilli

For all lovers of fresh pasta, here are the best tips for making the popular fusilli al ferretto at home.

It is well known that making fresh pasta at home is not for everyone. However, the grandmother’s tradition is carried on by many cooking enthusiasts. In fact, there is no comparison between the fresh one and the one bought at the supermarket. In any case, it is also true that to devote yourself to this kind of thing and knead you need to have time and dedication.

If you who read have both of these elements, you can try your hand at many particular recipes. One of these is that of the dear fusilli al ferretto. Good and beautiful to look at, thanks to their particular shape . What is needed, to make them at home , is the special iron and a few ingredients: flour , water and salt . Let’s fasten the apron and let’s get started!

Underwire fusilli
Underwire fusilli

Preparation of the underwire fusilli

  1. The first step is to pour the flour onto a work surface.
  2. Little by little, add the water and, while you do it, knead with your hands to mix everything.
  3. When you finish adding the water, add the salt and continue kneading .
  4. After obtaining a solid and smooth dough , divide it into pieces .
  5. Work each piece of dough to give it the shape of an elongated roll (about 5 mm in diameter). The length of each should be around 8-10cm .
  6. Take the iron (which can also be the one for knitting), flour it and place the high end on the roll, placed on the bias.
  7. Twist the dough around the iron and create a spiral with it.
  8. Seal the second end of the dough, press lightly and remove the underwire.
  9. Place the fusillo on a cloth . Proceed in this way until the pasta runs out.
  10. To cook it , fill a pot with water and add salt. When it boils, pour in the pasta and cook for a few minutes, until it rises to the surface. Subsequently, season it to taste.


If you don’t cook homemade fusilli with iron right away, you can keep them. If you choose to put raw pasta in the fridge , keep it in a closed container for up to 2 days . To freeze it , put it in a vacuum bag for 10-12 days .

If you are looking for simple preparations to make at home, have a look at the recipes for quick first courses !

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