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We prepare the irresistible pizza with puff pastry

Pizza with puff pastry

The one on the plate is inimitable, but the pizza with puff pastry is equally irresistible. Quick and easy, you can do it at home whenever you want.

Imagine you want a good pizza cooked in a wood oven, but not being able to have it at home. Kneading is a bit tiring and involves more preparation time, even just for leavening. But don’t worry, the simple preparation of pizza with puff pastry comes to your aid. We are talking about a product based on a simple roll of puff pastry . On top of it, then, all you need to do is distribute the tomato sauce and mozzarella to obtain the usual taste of a simple pizza. Enrich it with lots of seasoning to taste and that’s it.

If time is your enemy, let’s not lose heart and move on to the preparation immediately!

Pizza with puff pastry
Pizza with puff pastry

Preparation of the recipe for pizza with puff pastry

  1. Before starting, preheat the oven to 180 ° C to have it very hot at the time of cooking.
  2. Start by preparing the dressing. In a bowl, pour the tomato sauce .
  3. Add a little salt and a tablespoon of oregano and mix.
  4. Take the mozzarella and cut it into fairly small cubes. Leave it in a bowl to drain.
  5. Take a roll of puff pastry (it can be either round or rectangular) and unroll it on a low-sided baking sheet.
  6. Prick the entire surface with a fork, except for the edges.
  7. Spread the tomato sauce with a spoon.
  8. Cover with mozzarella and other ingredients to taste to stuff it like olives and onion (in our case).
  9. Bake in a static oven at 180 ° C for 10 minutes on the low shelf . Then, switch to the central one and cook for another 10 minutes .
  10. Once cooked, remove from the oven and season with what you want, including oil and basil.


In a few steps, the recipe for rustic pizza with puff pastry is ready. If left over, it tastes great the next day too. You can store it in an airtight container , at room temperature, for 1-2 days .

Alternatively, try the mini version of the puff pastry pizzas .

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