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Weak immune system? How to strengthen it with the help of essential oils

Essential oils

Defending yourself from external attacks is always important. For this, it is essential to strengthen your immune system: here’s how to do it naturally.

At any time of the year, whether in the summer or during the flu season, strengthening your immune system is a process of fundamental importance if our goal is wellness. This is often a difficult result. However, in some cases, external aid may be available which could facilitate the process. In particular, there are some essential oils that are particularly suitable for stimulating or helping the immune system: let’s find out which ones.

Lemon essential oil

The first remedy to strengthen the immune system that we are going to see today is lemon essential oil . In particular, this essence has antiseptic properties . That is, it fights the presence of bacteria , even those present in the stomach and intestines.

lime and lemon

As some of you know, there are many good bacteria in our stomach and intestines , the gut microbiome . By killing evil bacteria, lemon essential oil will help the good ones thrive. Greater digestive health usually results in better digestion and a better response of the immune system to pathogens.

Strengthen the immune system with Ravintsara essential oil

Another essence suitable for strengthening the immune system is Ravintsara essential oil . Its effectiveness is mainly due to three of its countless beneficial properties.

We are talking about its antiviral properties , this essential oil has proven to be able to fight different types of viruses, and its antibacterial properties . The latter are suitable for defeating infections and purifying the air.

The two characteristics mentioned above are already enough if you want to fight a simple cold or a flu. However, the essence of Ravintsara is also an excellent immunostimulant : thanks to its contribution, which stimulates the synthesis of white blood cells, it strengthens the immune defenses of those who use it.

Eucalyptus essential oil: antiseptic properties

The last natural remedy to strengthen the immune system we’re going to talk about is eucalyptus essential oil . The latter, among other things, enjoys antiseptic properties . For this reason, it is able to counteract the presence of bacteria.

In particular, it reduces inflammation of the oral cavity and respiratory tract , processes that usually increase the risk of getting sick and contracting diseases such as flu or cold. Also, if you are already under the influence of a cooling disease, the essence of eucalyptus will help you get rid of excess phlegm and reduce fever.

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