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Wear jewelry in between your hair!

Wear jewelry in between your hair!

Here it comes the last beauty trend, to embellish hairdos and also ponytails!

The last hair trend which is all the rage in this season, and will be in summer, is hair jewelry. Strass, paillettes, earrings, pearl necklaces and much more will embellish our hair!

During the last famous festivals, stars and influencers launched this new trend. Therefore, now wearing jewelry in between our hair is a must have for our look! Let’s better find out how to do it and what pieces to add to our hairdo.

Jewelry on our hair and other must-have accessories: the new beauty trend!

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We can take inspiration from the beauty looks of Coachella and the Met Gala 2019! Some of them were very extraordinary and weird, while others can be copied for one of our nights out. What we noticed was the amount of accessories that the celebs used to embellish their hair, and we want them all!

The most fashionable thing to do is to braid jewerly and precious details in between our locks! For example, we can draw inspiration from Alexis Mabille, who embellished her braid with beautiful crystal earrings. We have also noticed the bling-bling chains at the Gucci catwalk.

Instead, the beautiful Kylie Jenner sported an amazing, long, Lara Croft-style braid, embellished with cross and round earrings. Why don’t you try this look next Friday night?

You do not need to go to the botique to buy new jewelry: just look at the pieces you already have and use them to make your hair look amazing!

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