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Weight in pregnancy: how it changes and what it depends on

pregnant woman

Weight in pregnancy is one of the values ​​that can indicate the state of well-being of mother and child. Find out how weight affects you and how much it is right to increase while pregnant.

When you are pregnant, one of the physical changes you experience is weight gain. It is in fact a physiological and necessary event for the health of mother and child. The pregnant woman’s body must in fact change in order to better accommodate the new life and to do so it needs to expand and gain weight.

However, this does not mean that you can eat whatever you want. In fact, there is a substantial difference between the weight due to the consumption of fatty foods and that given by the volume of blood, the formation of the placenta and the many other factors that affect pregnancy. So let’s find out how weight gain in pregnancy works.

Weight gain in pregnancy

When you are pregnant it is very important to feed yourself adequately in order to have the right energy to nourish the baby as it grows . It is therefore advisable to consume healthy and nutrient-rich foods and avoid those loaded with sugars or so-called empty calories.

pregnant woman
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Although weight gain in pregnancy is normal, it must be done correctly. In order for this to happen it is therefore advisable to choose foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein and good fats, along of course when directed by your doctor. In this way you will be sure to do the best for your health and that of your children.

How many kilos to gain in pregnancy?

The question that many pregnant women ask themselves is the one concerning the number of kilos to gain in pregnancy. Obviously the answer will never be unique but there are some average parameters that can be taken into consideration to get an idea and compare your weight growth in order to understand if it is correct or not. All remembering that with weight gain the classic stretch marks can be created.

Weight gain in pregnancy for the first trimester, for example, is usually estimated to be around 500 grams per month. If weight tends to drop due to nausea or lack of appetite, it is therefore advisable to find foods that you feel like eating. On the contrary, if the increase tends to be much higher, it is advisable to notify the doctor in order to understand the cause.
In the second trimester you start gaining about 300-500 grams per week.nIn the third trimester, however, you take between 200 and 300 grams per week.

In a healthy pregnancy, weight gain is therefore estimated to be around 9 to 12 kg in total. In situations that differ a lot it is always better to ask the doctor for an opinion to understand if there are underlying imbalances to be recognized or a diet to be corrected.

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