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Wellness of skin and body for the summer? At your fingertips with the right advice and Cashback World!

Apple face mask

How to take care of yourself even in summer? Choose Cashback World with the #IoRipartoDalRisparmio campaign and find your summer beauty routine.

With the lockdown behind you and in the height of summer , the desire to go out, stay in the sun and take care of your body could not be stronger. To take better care of yourself in the summer it is essential to set up a correct beauty routine using the right products.

Here are some tips for you and where to find everything you need, and even more, with Cashback World!

The correct summer beauty routine

Never leave out face care as soon as you get up in the morning. In summer, the advice is to use foaming cleansers that leave the skin clean without greasing it and moisturizing and soothing masks. If you are beauty addicted then also combine an oily detergent, to achieve the so-called double cleansing and be almost ready to expose yourself to summer rays.

Always for the face use a serum, suitable for your skin and indicated in periods of heat and summer humidity. A trick? If you want something more full-bodied but not excessively heavy, add a few drops to your daily face cream, which must certainly have a medium-high protection against UVA and UVB rays (responsible for spots on the skin and premature aging of the face grain).

Apple face mask
Apple face mask

The body also needs hydration, protection and constant care in summer. Choose carefully the sunscreen that’s right for you among the best brands on the market and, if you want another tip, better more protective than less, especially for the first exposures.

The best products, before and after sunbathing, are creams rich in vitamin E, antioxidant and soothing substances and absolutely without the presence of citrus extracts, which tend to stain the skin.

These are the basic tips for a correct beauty routine, now it’s up to you to find the best products for your body! The search for the perfect creams could be more advantageous than you think thanks to the Cashback World platform, which helps you find what you need while saving!

What is Cashback World?

Before we reveal what Cashback World is, we need to tell you what cashback means and why it could be your best discovery in recent months!

Cashback is a mechanism with an English name that literally means Money (from cash) Back (from back). And how could it be applied in everyday life? Very simple: thanks to Cashback World , a shopping community on the net and on the main social networks like Facebook and Instagram that wants to help men and women of all ages save money by buying!

How does Cashback World work?

The mechanism is easy and clear : users who buy online or in store from companies that are part of the circuit will accrue savings after each expense ranging from 1 to 5% of the amount incurred. The cashback is valid at any time of the year and can usually be added to the exclusive sales and offers of the companies. Once you reach 10 euros, the Cashback World platform credits customers with the accumulated sum and more!

In addition to the cashback, users also receive Shopping Points that allow access to exclusive offers from the shops and companies of the circuit.

How to buy with Cashback World

If all this talk about savings has intrigued you and you want to try to join the great Cashback World family, the steps to do are few and simple!

You can register online on the website and download the Cashback App , free for both iOS and Android devices, with which to choose all the products you prefer from the over 800 online companies that are part of the circuit.

If you want to go to the store but don’t give up on savings, choose the Cashback Card, recognized by all 30 thousand companies that work in synergy with the platform. And it’s not over here, you can also take advantage of cashback and shopping points for purchases in the stores of some great brands thanks to the digital gift cards that you find on the website or on the Cashback World App.

Cashback World: an experience that conquers!

The platform is intuitive and suitable for any customer, from the university student like Fiammetta to the career mother or even retired mother like Anna .

The strong point of Cashback World is transparency and the real possibility of saving. The fields and categories of purchase are innumerable: they go from beauty and creams and reach up to pets, train tickets and purchases in the pharmacy and in the most famous grocery and shopping centers !

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