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Wellness possible with the sense of happiness

the sense of happiness to be happy

How mobility, physical appearance, financial freedom, notoriety, sexuality and showmanship can change our life

To be, or not to be, this is the dilemma ”, asks Prince Hamlet in the most famous line ever written by William Shakespeare. The dilemma could be transposed to the present day with “ Well-being or non-well-being? ”Given how much importance the topic has taken in our society. And among the various factors that influence our state of well-being , therefore our health, happiness is in the opinion of many of the most important. What is happiness then? And, above all, how do we get as much as we want? Poets, philosophers, singers and artists of all kinds, in various eras, all have tried to give happiness a meaning. The theme is universal: we all recognize that we have touched it, even if we are often more aware of it than in the past than in the present, and we all want it for our future. We could even go so far as to say that the meaning of life is to pursue happiness or, to put it another way, that the sense of happiness guides our thoughts, actions and choices more than sight, hearing, smell, taste do. and tact

The Sense of Happiness project

In recent times, a rather interesting contribution on the subject has come, after 30 years of studies and research around the world, from a team of scientists and entrepreneurs who have disclosed what can be considered the (no longer) secret formula for being happy. . The dissemination project was called The Sense of Happiness and launched on Monday 18 January 2021, on the occasion of Blue Monday (the saddest day of the year). In addition to the emblematic date, the historical moment also seems tragically perfect. The period we are experiencing has actually negatively affected our perceptions, broadening the pessimistic view of the world. If you combine the anxiety, worry and pain typical of every life, you may want to surrender to unhappiness. Yet, even in such dark times, man never tires of seeking his own happiness and, to his aid, here is the scientific formula for well-being .

Dissemination online and, above all, through social networks

For a few weeks now, the Sense of happiness has been talked about a lot online and, in particular, on social networks. After all, the revelation of a scientific formula to be happy could only generate curiosity and interest, and the intent to divulge all this, making it accessible to all, could only meet the favor of those who have always thought that from this kind of knowledge ordinary people are excluded. And so the followers of the project between Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have reached and exceeded the substantial number of 35,000 between curious and true followers . Women and men of all ages and social backgrounds, ordinary people and even well-known faces such as the TV presenter Vanessa Minotti , the fitness icon Danila Cattani , the criminologist Isabel Martina , the influencer Ilaria Macrì and the alternative model Heza Williams , who del Sense of Happiness spoke directly to their followers.

The truth about happiness

The sense of happiness is a structured path through a scientific method that needs, at the start, to put aside the preconceptions and everything that from an early age we have been inculcated on how to achieve canonical happiness, to start from scratch in search of happiness which is tailor-made and, therefore, authentic. In fact, all the rhetoric about happiness that lies in small things or in knowing how to be satisfied, increasingly collides with a much less hypocritical reality than the teachings of parents, professors, prelates and lay preachers.

The six steps to happiness

Swept away all these erroneous truths and made a clean sweep of the most widespread beliefs on the subject, according to the creators of the method, the person is ready to know the six sources of well-being or the six steps to happiness . The term “steps” should not make us think of a predetermined path – first one then the other – as “ there is no fixed order, nor one more important than the other. There is only one rule: six are and six remain. And all six must be done in harmony: as each serves to enjoy the others.

The intent of the method of The Sense of Happiness is to push the person to action , since the mere knowledge of the 6 sources of his well-being will not change his mood in any way . While taking his life in hand , understanding in which areas he is most lacking and improving them to equate them to the others, he can change his very existence in an extraordinary way , raising his gaze and making him walk 3 meters above the ground, more and more often.
Here are the 6 steps to happiness:

Mobility : Yellow, orange and red zone lockdowns and restrictions made clear what many have always taken for granted. The ability to move, move, travel is a necessary condition to be happy. Human beings are nomads by nature and for this reason travel is essential for their well-being. Exploring, browsing, visiting, discovering unknown and different worlds, going in search of traditions and cultures, indulging in the luxury of going on vacation and conquering ever new destinations are hedonistic levers to be activated with awareness. The journey is therefore an experience of pure pleasure, which every existence needs.

The physical aspect : the pleasure of pleasing and liking oneself is widespread in both men and women, from children to the elderly. It is quite logical, our physical appearance is a business card and it is also responsible for the very first opinion that others will have about us. Beauty, therefore, must be enhanced through nutrition, sport, care and specific treatments. This, in addition to giving us immediate satisfaction in front of the mirror or reflecting ourselves in the eyes of others, offers us greater social possibilities. Well-groomed and good-looking men and women have more appeal, arouse curiosity, interest and complacency, therefore more likely to have pleasant experiences with others as well.

Wealth : the maxim that ” money does not bring happiness ” is as inaccurate as it is widespread. Living in scarcity, in economic worries, in the perennial sense of renunciation, being happy is really difficult today, in a society where no one dreams of questioning the economic model that in recent decades has increased the average age, widespread education and well-being. Although the accumulation of wealth makes existence lighter, according to the Sense of happiness, it is not enough. Indeed, those who own movable and immovable property are not happy, but those who, thanks to these, can “ pay the price of freedom in cash. The freedom to do what you like, when you like and how you like . ” The concept of wealth is therefore closely connected to that of financial freedom which , according to the model, is the goal that everyone must aim for .

Notoriety : happiness is not something to be kept hidden, to be ashamed of, to be kept in the shadows but it must be shared. Coming out into the open, being seen, coming out into the open are practices that multiply, through sharing, happiness and well-being . A shared joy brings more satisfaction, just as a disappointment is mitigated when told to others. Moreover, exposure today is supported by technology: anyone can aspire to influence others. Therefore, to be an influencer even if only in a narrow circle.

Sexuality : Of all sources of well-being, sex is one of the most immediate and powerful. Also for this reason, those who for centuries wanted to limit the happiness of others have regulated and repressed sexual freedom. Freedom which every woman and every man – according to the Sense of happiness – must (re) appropriate, sweeping away all the moral, secular or religious beliefs and superstitions that limit it. Therefore, the search for pleasure in the most carnal and animal sense, the absence of rules (with the exception of the necessary and manifest consensuality ) and the green light for a liquid sexuality without limits both in the number of partners and in their gender. To seize all the opportunities for enjoyment. Right and, at the same time, the biological imperative of every individual.

The spectacular : like a work of art, each individual is unique and this uniqueness must be expressed in all possible ways. Valuing all that is ours, putting the signature on our thoughts, our ideas, our actions is one of the highest pleasures that the human being can experience and a way to fulfill his purpose in life . A source of well-being, until a few years ago, exclusive to the so-called artists and today truly within everyone’s reach. To be happy through the artistic representation of life, the spectacularity of our daily life.

Use the Sense of Happiness as a guide to well-being

Can you be really happy? The answer seems, at this point, a firm yes. Can the six sources of happiness lead to well-being? No, if you just read them, analyze them, make a self-analysis of your situation. Yes, if daily and repeated actions arise from this knowledge and these analyzes. Actions that in some areas will be simpler and in others much more difficult. After all, as the Sense of Happiness says about the steps “ One is easier, it’s in your nature, another is a bare-handed climb. One is a dance step, another is a leap into the void. On one you would never go back, another scares you just the idea of ​​trying . ” But all six and only by following all six steps can we reach happiness and touch the sky, first with a finger, then with the whole hand .

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