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Wellness starts with the bathroom


Imagine finishing work after a maddening day and heading home in the rain.

The first thing that comes to your mind is: relaxation . Everything you want is beyond that door, in that part of the house where you can completely dedicate yourself to yourself and abandon yourself, leaving all kinds of worries out.

We are talking about the bathroom, the most intimate and private environment of the house, where reserving time for your physical and mental well-being is never a crime.

From a purely narrow and functional environment, the current concept of the bathroom has changed. Its structure increasingly resembles a wellness center thanks to the installation of high quality and sophisticated design sanitary ware. The Globo ceramics catalog is full of models that do not disturb any type of bathroom furniture but that, on the contrary, are able to satisfy everyone’s requests.


A harmonious bathroom furniture

The bathroom as a wellness center is made up of basic components, such as sanitary ware, which, however, are distinguished either by their shape or by their characteristics or by their functioning. The latest trends, for example, prefer suspended bathrooms that define modern bathroom environments. Usually suspended sanitary ware are also valid solutions to give a greater sense of space where the space available is not so much but enough to live the environment in serenity. Flush-to-wall sanitary ware with a more squared shape are also widespread, enhancing contemporary design and appearing to be more suitable for larger bathrooms.

Apart from sanitary ware, the shower and bathtub are the real protagonists of well-being in the bathroom. The innovations in the sector present very technological models that really give pleasant sensations. For example, showers equipped with chromotherapy are a cure for the soul. The latter give the environment an atmosphere so pleasant as to be a cure-all for both body and mind. The same applies to the hot tub: although with a different system from the showers, the hot tubs are congenial to psycho-physical vitality and are a valid help to relax mind and body and rediscover serenity of mind.

Whether it’s after a long day or to start the day on the right foot, carving out time to regain well-being is essential.

A harmonious bathroom furniture is also distinguished by the arrangement of the components and the choice of objects. The shelves on the wall can be used as a support for perfumes and succulents that do not require much attention. In particular, the presence of perfumers and natural essences is a detail that makes the difference: in many cases the chosen fragrance accompanies the sense of relaxation, so choosing delicate and slightly sour notes can only bring interesting benefits to our sense of smell. For the decoration of the bathroom, plants can also be used to choose from the most resistant to humidity and oils on display in small and pretty glass jars.

When the bathroom of our home is able to involve our every sense in a very pleasant experience, it is then that it officially becomes the wellness center. From an environment lived hastily for certain daily needs, the bathroom designed today is a real room created to devote itself completely to personal care.

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