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What are our good resolutions for 2019 that are actually bad for our health?

New Year resolution

With New Year, also come good resolutions, for example losing weight and exercising. However, we must be careful to the ones that are bad for our health!

There are many good intentions and goals to achieve in the new year. However, we have to be careful because some of them, if done without moderation, may harm our health. Eating better, following a diet, losing weight, doing physical activity are definitely some of the achievable goals. However, we need to be careful, in order not to harm our body.

There are many possible ways to make our wish come true, but not all of them are successful. Then, let’s find out together how not to make mistakes and what are the most common ones.

What are the good intentions for 2019 that are bad for our health?

Exercising 7 days out of 7 is bad. One of the many goals we set is going to the gym, but you must do this in moderation. Overdoing with physical activity is not good, because your body is not used to this effort.

low-carb diet is not the best for health. In fact, completely eliminating carbohydrates from our diet to quickly lose weight is not recommended. Furthermore, trying to quickly lose the weight gained during the holidays is wrong. By following drastic diets, you might harm your body and regain the weight lost very quickly.

Choosing a diet low in calories is not good, because we can easily give in to temptation and binge because of our hunger. Resorting to energy bars and slimming foods to make up for bad eating habits is not recommended, as often these foods are rich in sugar.

New Year resolution
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Enrolling in a fitness program only because it is fashionable is useless, and you might probably get bored. This is the case also for excessive weight lifting at the gym, as it may only cause muscle tears. Moroever, following fashionable diets is not good. It is always best to see a professional nutritionist, who will give you the right advice for your body.

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