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What can be caused by the feeling of continuous hunger and what are the remedies?

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How many times have you ever thought “I’m always hungry”? Find out what increased appetite can depend on and what to do to counter it.

Who among us has never asked “why am I always hungry”? When you have continual appetite throughout the day, you need to understand the causes. First of all, it should be noted that an increase in appetite may be due to physiological conditions. For example, it is normal to be hungrier in the early stages of growth and in adolescence . Additionally, an increased appetite can also be traced back to more demanding activities than usual. But in what other cases can you have a feeling of continuous hunger that persists throughout the day?

Is always hungry a disease?

First we state that there are some pathological situations that lead to an increase in appetite. For example, in the presence of problems such as gastritis or even in the case of diseases such as diabetes, you may have a feeling of hunger that lasts throughout the day.

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However, it should be noted that this continuous appetite is not necessarily related to one of these pathologies . After excluding, therefore, that there are pathological causes behind this problem, the doubt remains. So what to do when you are always hungry?

“I’m always hungry”: the remedies

If you are always feeling hungry throughout the day, and for no apparent cause, there are some tips you can follow to try and fix it. Surely to counter the sense of hunger you must try to eat meals at fairly regular times, moreover, one of the causes of the problem may also be due to an incorrect diet.

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If, in fact, you introduce fewer calories than are necessary for the activities you carry out daily, you will continue to always feel hungry. To help you fight the constant urge to eat, however, you don’t just have to balance your diet . Another useful tip can be to focus on a hearty breakfast to start the day.

Even in this way, however, you will risk arriving at lunchtime hungry. One way to avoid this can be to snack during the day: this will also help you to avoid the typical stomach spasms of hunger.

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