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What crystal healing is and how the power of stones works

What crystal healing is and how the power of stones works

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine which uses the power of stones. Through their energy , it is able to eliminate several diseases. Let’s find out something more about this practice.

Crystal healing is a practice many people are aware of, but not everyone knows what it really means. This alternative medicine is based on the use of minerals which, in contact with certain points on the body, can heal some diseases. Of course, each stone or crystal has precise properties. There are also different applications of crystal healing.

Let’s see together this practice main features and the benefits of the most important minerals.

How does crystal healing work?

According to the alternative medicine, this kind of therapy works thanks to the energies coming from precious stones and crystals. These energies have cleansing properties and can turn the negative body vibes into positive vibrations.

Just putting one of these minerals in our house can “reclaim” the environment from negative energies. The contact with our body also produces many health benefits. This is because we can absorb the stone positive energy through our chakras, or centers of force.

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As mentioned above, there are several applications for crystal healing. Some operators prefer to hold the stone in their hands and pass it above the areas of the body to be treated, like a real massage with crystals. Other operators, however, recommend to wear the stone during the whole day, maybe as a pendant or as a bracelet.

You can also use a form of meditation. While holding between your hands the stone, you focus on your health problem, trying to regain your lost balance. Finally, the crystal can be soaked in a glass of water, which is then drunk. However, this last practice may be dangerous, because some of the stones contain a substance which, dissolved in water, becomes toxic to our body.

Crystal cleaning

When you buy a crystal, it is very important to clean it well, in order to let it better perform its task. To clean it, just hold the stone in your hand under running water for a few minutes, rubbing it with your fingers. Equally important is to regularly purify your crystals.

The minerals, other than releasing positive energy, also absorb negative ones from the environment and from people. For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to “unload” the crystals. To do so, you can carefully wash your crystal with water, and then place it for a few hours on a piece of amethyst to recharge it.

Stones properties

Crystals energy applications treat different problems, both physical and psychological. Let’s see what are the most used crystals in this therapy and their health benefits.

Amber helps to reduce stress and fights phobias, while on the physical level it relieves stomach and joint pain and lowers fever.

Amethyst reduces water retention and relieves headaches. It also fights insomnia and remvoes negative thoughts, to give your spirit harmony.

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Coral improves blood circulation and is a valid support for people suffering from anemia. On the psychological level, it fights negativity and removes emotional blocks.

Diamond has special properties against toxins. It is recommended for brain disorders.

Jade strengthens the heart and stimulates the proper functioning of the immune system. It also has great benefits against pain, and it is often used by pregnant women.

Lapis lazuli acts on your throat: it cures vocal cords problems, alleviates pain caused by inflamed throat and stimulates the thyroid. In addition, it lowers blood pressure and regulates the hormones.

Rose quartz regulates the heart beat and fights some psychological problems such as depression, stress and insomnia. Poeple who suffer from separation traumas ca benefit from it.

Emerald fights aging and acts on the muscular system, making it stronger and alleviating muscular pains. It has has a relaxing function and speeds up illness recoveries.

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