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What does Kate Middleton eat to keep fit?

What does Kate Middleton eat to keep fit?

We can copy Kate Middleton’s diet to keep fit in spring and pass the bikini test in summer!

You can find your ideal silhouette, lose your extra weight and pass the bikini test by following Kate Middleton’s diet. The goal is to have a thin figure, just like the Dutchess. But what does she eat? A lot of women wonder what her beauty secret is and what food regime she follows. Let’s find it out together!

Kate Middleton’s siet: what does the Dutchess of Cambridge eat?

Before and after her pregnancies, Kate has followed two types of food regimes: the Dukan and the Parker diets. The first one is pretty strict, but becomes easier to follow when going through its four phases.

The first phase is very strict and rich in proteins. It allows to reactivate your metabolism and to lose a lot of weight. The second stage, called “Cruise phase”, allows you to eat some foods, while the third phase is rich in proteins and whole wheat bread. Finally, the fourth and last one is the stabilization phase.

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After her third pregnancy, Kate decided to follow the Louis Parker’s diet. It consists of five meals a day: the three main courses and two snacks. During your meals, you can eat proteins with vegetables, a little amount of carbohydrates and good fats from dried fruit.

This diet forbids sugars, alcohol and soft drinks, other than rice, pasta, white brad and cereals. It is possible to drink tea or coffee, three times a day. In the morning, you need to drink a cup of lukewarm water with lemon.

Moreover, it is fundamental to drink a lot of water and exercise. Other than taking 10.000 steps a day, the Dutchess also goes trekking in the nature. Finally, you need to avoid technology after 9 in the evening.

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