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What does slingback mean?

Slingback shoes

In the world of fashion, particularly in the world of shoes, there is a very specific term, slingback. But what does this mean?

Coco Chanel took care of it in the 1950s to dictate fashions that are still timeless today. In fact, a pair of shoes that made history dates back to that era: the beige and black slingbacks . Slingback shoes are closed in front but open in back, with a strap covering the heel . Today they exist both with heels and flats, but all are an expression of elegance and bon ton. But what does slingback mean? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Origin : from the model designed by Coco Chanel in the 1950s.
  • When to use : to indicate a particular type of women’s shoe.
  • Language : English.
  • Distribution : global.

The meaning and origin of slingback shoes

The word slingback comes from the English language, and literally means ” back strap “. It was first coined by Coco Chanel , the famous designer, who created a particular type of women’s shoes, with a strap to hold the shoe, but with the heel almost completely uncovered.

Slingback shoes
Slingback shoes

Perfect for the summer season, shoes with back straps , or slingbacks, are very elegant and loved by fashion bloggers and influencers. These shoes allow you to be chic even without the heel . Just combine them with a full skirt or black cigarette trousers, and that’s it. However, some designers do not give up on high heels, such as Dior, Roger Vivier and Gianvito Rossi . Others instead offer low or flat heels. Among the flats, there are the classic red pointed slingbacks, but also with fringes or jewel inserts (for those who want to dare more).

How to match slingback shoes

Women who love casual wear can also wear slingbacks. They are perfect under skinny jeans or ripped denim , perhaps with a long jacket that recalls the colors. For a more glamorous outfit, on the other hand, you can combine wide trousers with culottes , flared dresses and short skirts.

The timeless beige and black Chanel slingbacks will stand out more when paired with red, white or black. But you can also be daring with a bright colored cardigan, for example orange, on a long black skirt.

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