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What is aromatherapy and what are its benefits

Essential oils

Aromatherapy: an all-natural remedy for relieving stress, taking care of yourself and, why not, perfuming the environment. Even in the office.

Aromatherapy is a discipline that uses essential oils derived from plants and flowers to naturally cure physical and mental ailments. The ailments that this treatment relieves and cures are the most varied and range from colds, flu, stress, to premenstrual syndrome. In addition to essential oils, which are placed in special diffusers (or, in some cases, applied to the skin), other substances such as salt and vegetable oils can also be combined .

Diffusion methods of essential oils

To benefit from the therapeutic effect of essential oils, they must be diffused in the environment in which they are found, so as to breathe them and reap all their benefits.

• The most used method is to use the special speakers that can be purchased in the herbalist’s shop, in the pharmacy or online and can be used in any part of your home, or even in the office.

• It can be brought to the boil of the water with aromatic herbs inside (such as rosemary, thyme or sage), so that it is possible to make suffixes .

Essential oils
Essential oils

• Flowers can be picked, dried, minced to become a potpourri . Once the potpourri is sprinkled with essential oils, it will be possible to make comfortable bags for perfuming, for example, wardrobes and drawers.

Some uses of aromatherapy

• Against colds: it will be necessary to boil some water with eucalyptus and thyme essential oil and to make suffixes for immediate relief from nasal congestion.

• Against stress : a few drops of essential oil of basil, lavender or chamomile are enough to relieve stress and reap relaxing benefits. Lavender would also help cure insomnia.

• Against premenstrual syndrome : with a few drops of bergamot and geranium essential oil an effective remedy for irritability characteristic of the premenstrual period can be found. While, by using clary sage and rose essential oil, weeping and depression can be alleviated.

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