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What is excessive facial sweating and how it is resolved


Excessive facial sweating is a disorder that can cause discomfort and be linked to other pathologies, let’s see what it is.

The disorder of hyperhidrosis, or an abundant sweating compared to the norm, occurs in about 2 or 3 Italians out of 100 . When this problem focuses on the face it is referred to as excessive sweating of the face. It should be noted that there are cases in which the problem occurs momentarily and is mainly related to stress . In other circumstances, however, the condition can be a kind of alarm bell and actually be linked to other pathologies. Let’s see what are its possible causes.

Excessive sweating of the face: the causes

In most cases the problem occurs not only on the face: it is not uncommon to also observe sweating of the hands , feet and armpits. Both with regard to facial hyperhidrosis specifically and the disorder as a whole, the causes are mostly stress and anxiety.

hot woman
hot woman

However, there are situations in which the problem can also be influenced by genetic factors and it has also been seen that, in 30% of cases, the disorder can be hereditary .

Among the causes of secondary hyperhidrosis, due to related situations and pathologies, there is also excessive sweating of the face in menopause. In this case, as well as in pregnancy, the disorder is due to hormonal changes , and also affects other sensitive areas, such as the armpits or the palms of the hands and feet.

Facial hyperhidrosis: remedies and diagnosis

As we have seen, excessive sweating is mostly caused by temporary factors. If, on the other hand, the disorder occurs with some frequency, further investigations must be carried out. For example, the presence of chronic diseases, including diabetes and respiratory disorders, must be assessed.


In the presence of this disorder, one of the first questions that arises is how not to sweat on the face. As well as for the profuse sweating of the armpits, also for the face there are specific and antiperspirant products that reduce the amount of sweat.

Before resorting to these treatments , however, the situation must be evaluated with a specialist. Let’s not forget, in fact, that sweating is important, since it represents the method used by our body to regulate body temperature.

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