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What is gluten and why it can be bad for you


Let’s find out what gluten is, what it means and why it is sometimes harmful to some people.

Gluten is a protein complex present in various commonly used foods, as well as a substance that in certain cases can be harmful to the body, forcing you to follow a diet that is devoid of it. This is the protein content of cereals such as wheat, barley and rye as well as the nutrition they need to grow. So let’s find out more closely, analyzing its meaning and role , not only for cereals but also in the kitchen.

Gluten: the meaning and what it is

When we talk about gluten, we mean the protein part of many cereals. At the same time gluten is also the elastic part that favors the leavening of bread products and without which it is really difficult to obtain soft and precisely elastic baked goods.


The definition of gluten comes from the Latin gluten which means glue. A word that well represents the unifying role that this protein complex has in the processing of flours.

It is made up of two protein parts which are gluteline and promallin. These are also the proteins which, with the addition of water, tend to change in order to give the classic elastic aspect to the dough.

Why gluten can hurt

Gluten in itself should not be considered as harmful to humans. Even if its inflammatory action suggests never exceeding in consumption.

It must be said, however, that in some predisposed subjects it can be highly harmful . And all due to an abnormal immune reaction that is established in the intestine every time it comes into contact with this substance. It is therefore important to remember that completely eliminating gluten from your diet can only be useful in case of proven celiac disease or strong intolerance towards this element.

Otherwise, depriving yourself of it has no particular benefits . And in some cases it can be harmful because often in order to obtain bread products without the presence of gluten, additives, sugars and other foods are added that in the long run can be harmful for other reasons.

We remind you that in case of doubts or particular pathologies it is always advisable to ask your doctor for advice.

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