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What is long Covid? Here’s how to recognize it


More and more people are wondering what long Covid is. An accredited disease that concerns the long-term effects of those who contract and overcome the virus. Here are the symptoms to watch out for.

More than a year after the start of the pandemic, by now we all know what Covid is and how it manifests itself.
What still not everyone knows well is the persistence of symptoms that prevent us from returning to how we were before the disease . A problem that opens a question about what long Covid is and what exactly it leads to.

So let’s try to take stock of the situation, focusing in particular on the main symptoms.

Long Covid: how to recognize it

When we talk about long Covid we refer to clinical manifestations which, instead of returning with healing, continue to be present even after some time.


This is a problem that can involve people of any age and that has occurred so frequently that it has taken its name, which is long Covid.

A disease that brings with it symptoms of all kinds and which is therefore often difficult to diagnose with certainty. Reason why it is currently under study. What is certain is that if within 4 weeks of infection, the symptoms continue to manifest, the possibility of long Covid exists.

Long covid: the symptoms that it is important to learn to recognize

But what are the symptoms of this disease that is increasingly accused by patients recovered from Covid ? Among the most common are:

– Constant tiredness
– Decreased appetite
– Muscle weakness
– Diffuse pains
– Dyspnea
– Wheezing
– Persistent cough

Cardiovascular , gastrointestinal, neurological and psychiatric problems were also found in many subjects.

To date, there are also studies in progress that talk about problems related to Covid and with which we will probably have to deal in the future. These include the already known myocarditis and post-ischemic dilated heart disease which according to some doctors represents the new disease of the future.
A problem for which some treatments have already been devised and which is currently under study in order to define the most suitable strategies to act in favor of the patient.

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