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What is Long Covid? Symptoms and consequences

long covid woman

According to experts, disorders and diseases could arise even after defeating the Coronavirus. Let’s find out why and what the symptoms are.

Long Covid is a very particular syndrome that can affect, even months later, those who have contracted the virus and managed to defeat it. In fact, it seems that even after a long time, serious illnesses and ailments ranging from tiredness, shortness of breath or difficulty concentrating can appear. Furthermore, in the study carried out by the National Institute for Health Research , the symptoms of Long Covid would belong to four precise categories. So let’s try to understand what the symptoms of this disorder are and how they present themselves.

Long Covid: main symptoms

Long Covid, a very rare condition that affects those who have already fallen ill with Coronavirus, develops with four different types of symptoms. But even if the study conducted by the experts will have a long journey, the two main types that focus on the path of the disease have been identified. In particular we are talking about the post intensive therapy syndrome and the post viral fatigue syndrome.

long covid woman
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The first condition particularly affects patients who have been in intensive care. This period makes individuals weak and unable to sit up, stand up or put their feet up. In severe cases, however, it can cause difficulty in swallowing and speaking. Post-intensive care syndrome also has psychological repercussions, also linked to the physical condition described above. In these cases, sufferers can develop depression and various stress disorders.

Another symptom of Long Covid is the viral post fatigue syndrome, which causes fatigue, tiredness and fog . However, this condition is typical of many virus infections, such as rubella.

Long Covid: long-term issues

The study carried out highlighted two other types of Long Covid symptoms which, however, have to do with longer-term effects. We are talking about former patients with permanent organ damage caused by the Coronavirus, especially to the heart and lungs. However, there are very rare cases of Long Covid patients with liver or pancreas damage. However, it seems that in this case the damage may not be permanent.

Finally we find a condition called long-term Covid syndrome. This is the most common condition among former patients and difficult to diagnose. Normally, if you suffer from this syndrome, you will experience constant changes in balance for all parts of the body. Fluctuating ailments aren’t too serious and shouldn’t last long. In any case, most of the time these episodes are caused by an immune system not at its full capacity.

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