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What is the raw food diet? Everything about raw food, its benefits and some recipes

What is the raw food diet? Everything about raw food, its benefits and some recipes

Let’s find out what raw food is, how this particular diet works and everything about its health benefits.

Lately, you may have heard more often of raw food diet. But what is it? It is a special diet based on the consumption of only raw foods, mostly vegetables.

This type of diet is inspired by that of prehistoric men, who lived of raw berries, fruits, vegetables, and sprouts. The benefits are many, because when you cook food, it loses valuable enzymes. Let’s see in detail how raw food works.

Raw food diet: what it is


This particular diet is based on ethical philosophy and aims to satisfy our appetite without ever using the stove. The reason is simple: in this way, we do not affect food viability, keeping it pure and untouched in all its properties, but also in taste and colours. In short, raw food diet helps thinking about food in a different way.

As we mentioned, people who follow this diet only eat raw foods. Some people also follow the so-called raw food vegan diet, with no animal products. However, there are people who eat meat (of course, raw) and those who eat only one type of food, such as fruit. There are also individuals who do not eat meat, but do not want to give up animal products.

In short, there are many types of raw foodists, but as you may have guessed, the principle is always the same: you need to eat raw foods, no exceptions!

Raw food: what to eat?

The main foods of raw food diets are vegetables, fruits, sprouts, and oilseeds. To these ones, you add the “super foods”, special, nutrient-rich products, such as cocoa, pollen, aloe vera, plankton, spirulina, and Goji berries.

But why must these foods be eaten raw? Simple: cooking destroys food molecular structures and eliminates  its nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. In addition, cooked foods are also more difficult to digest: a philosophy, therefore, which considers the well-being of our body.


The benefits of the raw food diet

This diet, as you may have guessed, has many benefits. First of all, raw foods keep their digestive enzymes. Then, our body can digest them more easily, purifying itself.

Also, through eating raw food you do not lose the vitamins and minerals necessary for the good functioning of the whole body. This diet, then, makes us stronger, protecting us from diseases.

But there is more: raw food diet is environment-friendly, since it allows to reduce approximately 90% of the garbage produced every day in the world. It is An ethical and environmental choice that helps using less gas and current electricity.

Raw food: recipes to try

Raw food recipes are not at all monotonous as you may think. In fact, you can find many of them. For example, to replace pasta, you can make vegetable spaghetti. Just cut carrots, zucchini, cucumbers or other vegetables into thin strips.

The vegetables may be cut and seasoned in many different ways. If you are not vegan, you can also eat cheese and other dairy products. Smoothies are very popular among people following raw food diets. You can make them with vegetables, fruit, nuts or other ingredients, creating tasty and healthy drinks.

The important thing is not to cook anything, with the exception of hot beverages: you can heat them, but do not exceed 42 °C.

There are many preparations like raw cakes, meatballs, and more. In short, once you decide to follow this food philosophy, you will surely discover a lot of new dishes to make and taste!


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