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What is Thai massage and what beneficial effects does it have on the body and mind?

Thai massage

Thai massage is a cure-all in cases of muscle pain, but also for emotional stress. Let’s find out its benefits together.

Thai massage originates from traditional Thai medicine, based on the balance of the four elements. The practice of Thai massage, in fact, not only has benefits for physical pain, but also acts through what are defined as energy channels .

This type of massage, which as the name suggests was born in Thailand, consists of manipulations aimed at having a beneficial effect that goes beyond the effects of the massage itself. According to some theories, this technique may have originated from an Indian doctor, a friend of Buddha . Legends or not, the traditional Thai massage offers benefit to many people who decide to undergo it. Let’s see what it is.

Thai massage: how to do it

Traditional Thai massage is based on the belief that our body is crossed by a series of ‘channels’: the sen . These channels are considered the main ones responsible for the flow of energy through our body.

Thai massage
Thai massage

For this reason, situations that block these channels cause disturbances by interfering with this ‘ flow of energy ‘. The Thai massage, therefore, serves precisely to restore the correct passage of energy in our body and thus restore physical and mental well-being. Thai massage is not the only oriental technique based on energy flows, for example, another technique is Reiki massage .

The techniques for performing this massage involve lying down on the ground, on a special mattress. Before starting, however, the actual manipulation , the masseur has the task of talking to the ‘patient’ to understand his needs.

Usually the massage does not involve the use of oils or creams, but it is very similar to yoga techniques. In this case, however, yoga is as if it were performed passively, precisely because it is the masseur who helps to assume the correct positions.

Thai massage: the benefits


Thai massage takes several other names, it is often referred to with the connotation of traditional or classic, and in some cases it is also referred to as Thai yoga massage. In any case, its very name in Thai language is ‘ touch to heal ‘, a meaning that clearly recalls its beneficial effects.

From a physical point of view, this type of massage works by promoting the elasticity and mobility of muscles and joints. Furthermore, it counteracts muscle pain and can help athletes recover in the post-workout period. The other benefits are given by the stimulation of energy flows that should lead to complete well-being, including mental and spiritual well-being.

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