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What is the balanced diet? Everything you need to know

What is the balanced diet? Everything you need to know

Let’s find out what the balanced diet is and how it works. It allows to stay fit without too many sacrifices.

When it comes to diets or healthy nutrition, the first thing we think about is a period of sacrifices, where we cannot give ourselves any treat. Fortunately, there is an innovative way of eating which will keep you fit without giving up on anything.

The key lies in moderation and in being able to create balanced meals, including the primary macronutrients, that is carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Balanced diet: how it works

Recent studies have shown that following a balanced diet not only helps in keeping you fit, but also helps to lose weight. Consuming at each meal all the macro nutrients prevents the rising of blood glucose and, consequently, of insulin. This hormone, among other things, helps converting the excess sugar into fat.

What is the balanced diet? Everything you need to know


This way of eating maintains a long-lasting sense of satiety and guarantees clarity of mind. Furthermore, it has a great effect on fat consumption and, consequently, on weight loss. This food regime is very similar to Barry Sears’ zone diet, but without its calculations.

Menu example of a balanced day

This type of diet does not have a specific menu. It gives a healthy way of eating which you can follow for a long time.

At breakfast, you can eat Greek yogurt, to which you can add a fruit and a handful of dried fruit. In this way, you will have the yogurt proteins, carbs from an apple and healthy fats from nuts.

Your snacks can also be based on a fruit. It is ideal to eat it with a couple of cheese cubes.

For lunch, you can eat a mixed salad with chicken or other lean proteins, seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil and a small wholewheat sandwich or a seasonal fruit. Alternatively, you can also choose pasta, as long as it is topped with lean sauce and parmesan cheese, in order to have a complete meal.

In the afternoon, you can eat a low-fat yogurt with pistachios. At dinner, you can choose roasted fish, grilled vegetables and fruits.

In this way, you will have balanced and healthy meals without sacrifices and a few small treats. In fact, a balanced diet can also include an ice cream or a weekly pizza. Eating this food is useful to keep your metabolism active, satisfy the palate and avoid unpleasant hunger attacks.


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