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What is the best way to store the toothbrush?


By brushing our teeth every day we don’t pay attention: what is the best way to store the toothbrush and to avoid the proliferation of germs?

The daily care that we dedicate to our teeth is known by everyone. Dentists recommend washing them at least three times a day after meals, but there are a few things that may not be taken seriously, for example to keep your toothbrush. Here are the best ways to do this, with even the best tips for avoiding the proliferation of bacteria.

How to store and how to clean the toothbrush

Eliminate food and toothpaste residues . One of the first things to avoid when storing your toothbrush after brushing your teeth is to rinse it properly. From this point of view, you need to be sure that you have not left any toothpaste and food residue on it. These things are the first vehicle for the spread of bacteria.

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Put it vertically . Whether manual or electric, it is always advisable to put the brush in a vertical position, so that the water flows downwards. This does not happen if you position it horizontally.

Do not store it in a closed place. The toothbrush must be placed in an unclosed place: lockers and drawers should be avoided. This is done to decrease the proliferation of bacteria, which have an easier life in closed and humid places.

Do not put it in a glass . It often happens that your toothbrushes are put together with others, those of our family for example, in a glass. This way of doing is very wrong, because contact with other brushes, perhaps not well cleaned, gives rise once again to the proliferation of germs.

The best tips on toothbrushes

Do not put it near the sink. It is not good to put the toothbrush near the sink. It could be contaminated with detergent and soap splashes when used for other household activities.

After an illness. If you have the flu, as always, you continue to brush your teeth, but few think that bacteria and viruses then remain on the toothbrush. It is therefore good to change your toothbrush or disinfect it very well.

Do not keep it for too long . To always avoid the proliferation of germs, as also recommended by doctors, it is advisable to change your toothbrush after 3 months. In particular, this is done because the bristles are damaged and it is increasingly difficult to clean them.

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