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The techniques of pickling and bleaching, both help to lighten the hair. But what is the difference between the two of them? Let’s find out!

In order to lighten your hair of just a few shades or to remove a hair dye color we don’t like anymore, there are some techniques. In the first case, you can resort to bleaching, or lightening the natural hair depriving it of its pigment. It is not helpful to become blonde, since this technique only removes natural pigment. But what is the difference between pickling and bleaching? Let’s find out…

What is pickling?

What is the difference between pickling and bleaching?
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Pickling is a technique used to lighten dyed hair. Its goal is to deprive the hair of the artificial pigment in order to dye the hair in another color. It is not possible to dye your hair if you already did it, especially if you want to change color. For this reason, the only thing to do is resorting to pickling.

This techinque is not easy, as you need to take care of the hair with the right products. For this reason, if you want to bleach or pickle your hair, always ask a professional hairdresser that knows how to do it.

Futhermore, the post-treatment is also really important. Normally, the hair tends to dry out and to look like straw if you do not use the right products and moisturizing masks. Therefore, the first step is definitely to figure out how to recognize a good hairdresser!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/biondo-bionda-capelli-macro-donna-1845022/

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