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What is the Himalayan salt lamp for and how is it used?

Salt lamp

Is the Himalayan salt lamp a simple decoration or does it have properties that make it really useful? Let’s find out together.

For some years now, the use of the Himalayan salt lamp has become increasingly widespread. As you can guess from the name itself, these lamps are made of a real block of salt crystal . This crystal, often of different colors, is shaped and contains a recess inside to accommodate a light bulb, or, in other cases, a candle.

These salt lamps are often found in spas, but also in beauty salons. The spread of these particular lamps is due to the fact that it seems that their use can positively affect health . Let’s see what it is and what are these benefits that we often hear about.

Himalayan salt lamp: the benefits

These lamps are considered “natural ionizers”, their effects on the body, therefore, would be generated by the emission of negative ions in the air. The production of these ions would act by purifying the environment, in order to improve the quality of the air itself.

Salt lamp
Salt lamp

Consequently, therefore, we could derive indirect benefits from their use, due to their action on the environment in which we live. However, it should be noted that to date, these effects on the air are not supported by scientific evidence.

Himalayan salt lamp: how to use it and where to buy it

There are several types of Himalayan salt lamps, some electric and others that can be used with a candle. In both cases, the benefits of these lamps seem to derive from the heat developed inside them.

To use them, therefore, it is advisable to leave them on long enough to allow the heat (from the bulb or candle) to be transmitted through the salt crystal . These lamps are on sale in herbalist shops, but also through specialized online sites. Lately, moreover, they are also spreading more and more in fairs and markets.

The Himalayan salt lamp wears out very slowly, and appears to be able to last even for several years. To prolong their use, however, it is advisable to avoid keeping them too long in humid environments . The humidity in the room, in fact, can significantly reduce its life and cause the lamp to lose water.

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