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What is the plank: all about exercises to have a flat stomach


Here are all the plank exercises to do at home, the best sport for firming and losing weight: tips and results!

The plank, which in English means “plank”, is a type of abdominal exercise that is making a lot of talk about it, because it is an activity that can be carried out comfortably even at home . All you need to do it, following these short tips, is the desire to work a little, obtaining excellent results in exchange.

It’s about putting yourself to the test with so-called isometric abs, an exercise that defies gravity while keeping the muscles contracted. But let’s find out more!

What is the plank? Correct position and execution

With this exercise anyone can lose weight from home. Moreover, these do not even need equipment, if not a carpet to lean on the ground.

To do it, all you have to do is get on your knees and lean with your elbows on the ground. At this point you bring your feet back, straightening your legs, and raise your pelvis , making sure you are straight with your back parallel to the ground.

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As soon as we assume this position we will feel the abdomen pulling, and we will have to try to resist : you can perform several series of a few seconds and then gradually remain in position for 1 minute and so on. This, in fact, is the classic exercise that the more you perform, the more your performance improves .

In fact, in addition to the abdominals, there are other muscles involved , including glutes , back, legs, transversus, shoulders, obliques and chest: in short, an exercise that if performed correctly can really be considered complete!

Plank for the abdomen: other exercises

However, there are variations, for those who are more familiar and are now at a good level of mastery of the exercise. These involve the use of simple accessories such as the swiss ball , in Italian, Swiss ball or gymnastic ball, in order to give the work routine greater variety and therefore keep motivation high.

Variations on the Swiss ball require the forearms, or feet, to rest on the ball. In both cases, the difficulty in remaining in balance increases and therefore the training for the muscles of the central trunk. Alternatively, it is still possible to remain leaning laterally on one forearm, stand up, and lift a weight with the other arm. This type of plank is known as a powell plank .

The suggestions regarding this activity do not only concern any equipment to be added to its normal development, but also the way in which it is practiced. In fact, there are different positions for the plank.

In addition to the aforementioned side plank, which can be performed with or without weight . There is also an easier posture, designed to help beginners, which involves leaning on the knees , or even the possibility of raising one of the two legs to a height that is considered comfortable, and then starting a series normally; after this series, you can change legs and repeat the work.

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