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What is the thyroid bonus provided by INPS and how is it required


The thyroid bonus is a civil disability allowance paid by INPS to those suffering from thyroid disorders. How is the application presented?

What is called ‘Thyroid Bonus’ is nothing more than a disability check issued by the National Insurance Institute, the INPS . This allowance, which is paid monthly, is intended for those suffering from diseases that prevent them from carrying out their work duties and are therefore recognized through partial or total civil disability. We cannot speak of a real bonus since it is not a fixed sum paid out.

It can benefit people suffering from thyroid disorders including: goiter, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroid carcinomas. Let’s see how much the allowance is and how to submit the application.

Thyroid bonus 2020: how much is it worth

The request to receive the monthly allowance allowance is addressed to those who have a recognized partial or total disability that reduces the working capacity or prevents it completely.


In the case of partial disability, the allowance can be requested by those who have an allowance between 74 and 99% and are between 18 and 67 years old.

For 2020, the partial disability allowance provides for a contribution of 286.81 euros per month. In cases of total disability, however, the contribution rises to around 550 euros per month, the maximum ceiling.

The allowance is not paid in the event that an invalidity pension is already received from other institutions such as the INAIL occupational invalidity pensions.

INPS thyroid bonus: how to request it

In order to apply for the monthly allowance check, an ‘ Introductory medical certificate ‘ issued by the general practitioner must be presented.

The doctor can forward this certificate, which must be accompanied by an attached code, directly from the INPS website. The portal contains the special service concerning civil disability and the procedures for ascertaining the health requirement.

The request will be processed by INPS and all the procedures for ascertaining the requirements must be completed, including medical examinations through the INPS medical commission. You will then receive a report certifying the recognition of civil disability. The report will be delivered by registered mail or by providing a certified e-mail address.

After having received all the documentation, you will have to fill in a form (AP70) to declare your income and you will be subjected to verification of the economic requirements required to access the allowance.

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