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What to do before exercising and how to achieve the perfect balance between proteins, carbohydrates and minerals for a top performance.

A proper nutrition is the starting point for best performances in sports. There fore, it is very important to eat well, both before and after exercising. Following some little tricks, you can workout without feeling fatigue, abdominal pain, or dizziness. Eating in the right way and at the right time you will give the body what it needs to compensate for the waste of energy during your training.

Let’s see what to eat before going to the gym and what you should and should not do before physical activity.

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What to do before you go to the gym

– Eat foods rich in starch: it helps to have more energy. Choose pasta or wholewheat bread with raw or cooked vegetables.

– Eat a good supply of fibers: you can find them in meat or fish. Moderate the doses, otherwise you will slow down the digestion.

– A bit of chocolate before exercising helps you to have more energy and to stimulate the endorphins.

Stretching is essential to better exercising and to avoid muscle strains.

– Prepare a energy drink full of vitamins and minerals to replenish those lost during your workout.

What to not do before going to the gym

– Never skip meals. It is fundamental to make breakfast to activate the metabolism. If you exercise during your lunch break or before dinner, have a snack three hours before.

– Do not make large meals and rich. Each meal should be moderate, light and nourishing. At lunch and dinner you should not eat first and second course and sides, but you divide them between the two meals. With regard to the snacks, do not let appetizer or sandwiches tempt you.

– No alcoholic drinks or sodas. Carbon dioxide and alcohol are not intestine-friendly, especially if you have to exercise. Avoid them in order not to overstrain your liver and intestine.

– Say no to milk and its derivatives. They are not easy to digest, moreover they are rich in sugar. Therefore, they could strain your digestion, with the risk of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

– Avoid sexual intercourses before an intense workout, as they weaken your body and reduce your energy.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/adulto-corpo-close-up-esercizio-1867743/

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