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What to do if your diet doesn’t work?

What to do if your diet doesn’t work?

The diet you’re following doesn’t make you lose weight. Find out the possible reasons and some advice to solve this problem and slim down in a healthy way!

Are you on a diet, but it is not working? Is it something subjective or it is actually so? Let’s clarify the situation and see how to lose weight in a healhty way.

Factors responsible of your unsuccessful diet

First of all, try and understand if your diet has one of the following factors, which can be the main reasons why you are not losing weight:

1. You are on an express, miracle or not balanced diet.

2. It does not allow you to have a social life.

3. You are always hungry.

4. It is repetitive and boring.

5. It requires too much effort.

6. It does not include a healthy stabilization phase.

Diet: what does it actually mean?

A diet has to be limited. If you decide to start following one, you also need a date when you will stop following it. This word comes to the Latin “diaeta”; which means lifestyle. Actually, everyone is “on a diet”, because we follow a food regime.

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A person eat foods he or she finds and likes. This person cooks them in a certain way, according to the environment he/she lives in and personal values. Changing our food eating habits often needs time and effort.

There are a lot of elements involved in the process which also influence our health. However, the main goal has to be to change our eating habits through a healthy diet. We need it not only for our appearance, but also for our health.

When a diet objectively does not work

The diet does not work for whom? Subjectivity is fundamental. You need to consider different factors, such as personal expectations, motivation and goals, which come from different needs.

A diet objectively does not work when you can’t reduce your percentage or body fat, even if you are carefully following it. This can happen because of genetic metabolic reasons, or because you have been following diets for all your life, then now losing weight is not that easy.

In other cases, it is important to consider the diet before and after. Some food plans start working as soon as you go on them, so you feel happy and stop following them. This is wrong: you should not stop your diet, even if it working or, on the contrary, it seems you are not losing any weight. Sometimes, you just need more time.

A diet is a food model. For this reason, it does not have to be always the same. For example, a pregnant athlete has different needs than the period when she was not expecting a child and was training for a marathon.

The yo-yo effect

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This scary effect happens when you finish following the diet and go back to your old habits. In this case, the nutritional strategy did not work, because it did not provide the right rules to keep a healthy diet.

It is necessary to follow a balanced plan. Do not stop your diet, do not embitter it nor go back to your old habits. This will only make your effort vain!

When the diet does not work: some advice

You’re on a diet, but you can’t lose weight. Try and follow the following measures:

– Always make sure you are following your plan in the right way: write down what you eat daily.

Change your diet.

– Include or increase your workouts.

– Make sure you don’t have hormonal problems, constipation or water retention.

– Ask a professional, dietitian or nutritionist for information.

The psychological effect of your diet

Food and emotions go hand in hand. Expectations, motivation and goals also have an important role. Therefore, you need to be careful to the psychological effect, which can make you feel sad.

If your diet does not work, you might feel unmotivated and you could start eating without control, feeling even worse and guilty.

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