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Panic attack: learn how to quickly recognize it and how to best manage it.

Panick attacks are more common than we may think. Nowadays, students and adults are the most affected ones. Recognizing this problem is not always easy, and you can think you’re having a respiratory crisis. Stress, anxiety and too many expectations overload our mind and we lose our self-control. However, there’s a way to solve it.

Acknowledging you’re suffering from panic attacks is the first thing to do to start working on yourself. Understanding and facing the causes will help you, either if you do it on your own or with a professional’s help. In order to better manage these situations, let’s see together what to do in case of panic attacks.

Panic attack: causes

1.The main cause is stress. When you never rest and you overthink, your mind gives up and so does your body. A panic attack happens because you don’t control your body anymore, because of a strong emotional event.

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2. Too many expectations and things to do can trouble your mind. When you pretend too much from yourself, you tend to ask too much from your body, too. Failures and continuous tension can lead to depression and lack of self-confidence.

3. You should not underestimate a romantic setback or a failure at work. Usually, when people do not succeed in something, they blame themselves. Wrong! You should learn how to respect and appreciate yourself.

Panic attack: symptoms

When you experience a panic attack for the first time, you think you cannot breath and you’re choking. Actually, it is not what’s happening: your breathing is just accelerated because of panic. This is just your body’s natural response: it is actually asking you to breath normally again.

Leg and arm trembles indicate the attack is underway. However, they do not show up everytime.

Excessive sweating and feeling cold indicate a longer panic attack. People suffering from it believe that the problem has been going on for a lot of time, when it actually has just lasted a few minutes.

Panic attack: what to do

1.The first thing to do is breathing deeply and drinking a glass of water. If you focus on your breathing, you can quickly regain control of your body and mind. Drinking is fundamental to stay hydrated.

2. If that is not enough, lie down and lift your legs, so you will not faint if your blood pressure lowers. Keep breathing as regularly as you can.

3. Try and gather positive thoughts, thus keeping away the negative ones which triggered the panic attack.

4. If you feel your blood pressure has lowered, slowly drink a mix of water and sugar and cover yourself with a blanket. You will feel better. Then, get up slowly and start walking to work off the adrenaline.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/ansia-stato-d-animo-in-difficolt%C3%A0-2987872/

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