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What to eat after the gym? Let’s see it together

Post workout diet

What to eat after the gym: the best diet for your fitness and a few small rules to follow that could help you.

Understanding what to eat after the gym is very important as it allows the body to recover properly consumed energy. It is therefore an aspect that should never be underestimated and to which attention should always be paid , regardless of the type of training performed. So let’s find out what are the basic rules to follow.

What to eat after training: the foods to choose

Post-workout nutrition is increasingly a matter of study and conversation. While it is true that what you choose to eat before a workout can help you spend your energy better and achieve better results, this also applies to the post work out meal.

Post workout diet
Post workout diet

Since the rules tend to be different based on the type of training performed, there are tips that are good for everyone and that can help you feel more energetic right away.

First of all, it is important to eat something within 30 minutes of finishing exercise. A small snack that contains proteins and carbohydrates is enough. From the bar , to the protein shake, to the slice of wholemeal bread with a lean sliced, this is a habit that is always worth following.

If you find yourself close to lunch or dinner, it is good to prefer complete and balanced meals such as grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, omelettes with vegetables and wholemeal bread, salmon with sweet potatoes, etc …

And for those who train in the morning? In this case, you should have a nutritious breakfast right away. A good example can be that of avocado toast. Alternatively, you can opt for a protein pancake. What matters is to have a meal that contains both proteins, carbohydrates and fats in order to recover quickly from the effort and at the same time fill up with energy for the day.

The importance of water during and after sports

When it comes to nutrition, we cannot fail to mention water. This should be drunk both during physical activity and immediately after.

In this regard, it is not essential to take food supplements as long as you hydrate yourself enough and eat meals rich in healthy ingredients and able to provide the right amount of vitamins and mineral salts.

Obviously, if you follow very intense sports, the best thing to do is to contact an expert nutritionist who is able to structure a personalized meal plan.

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