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What to eat after throwing up: the rules to follow to get better


What to eat after vomiting? Let’s find out together and learn to distinguish foods that are good from those that are too heavy.

It often happens that you wonder what to eat after throwing up and don’t know exactly how to move. After episodes of vomiting , in fact, there is a considerable loss of liquids as well as an obvious discomfort to the body, which certainly needs highly digestible foods to be able to work at its best and without repercussions of any kind.
Knowing how to choose the right diet after vomiting is therefore the first step to take. Essential to recover more quickly and to reduce the risk of other episodes.

What to eat in case of vomiting: the foods to prefer and how to insert them during the day

The first point to dwell on is what to do after throwing up.


Episodes of vomiting (as well as diarrhea) are in fact almost always linked to intoxication, excess of heavy foods or intestinal influences so it is important to understand what to eat after getting rid.

Among the foods normally recommended there are those that fall under the acronym of BRAT . Acronym which includes foods such as banana, rice, apple (apple in English) and toast. Foods that have the ability to satiate and nourish without weighing down and which are highly digestible. Obviously, the same ones must be inserted in small quantities and without ever making an effort.

More generally, you can opt to choose foods that are light and that you feel like eating. Practice that will be followed only after introducing liquids in small sips every 15 minutes. The best choice is in fact to make sure that the stomach is ready to withstand the arrival of liquids and food. And all without leading to more vomiting episodes. Once this is done, at least for the first few days it is best to avoid heavy, spicy, fatty and over-processed foods.

How to avoid dehydration caused by vomiting

When you vomit excessively your body tends to become dehydrated. The first thing to do is therefore to provide him with the right hydration . To do this, it is important to understand what to drink after vomiting.
In addition to water, which is always the best choice to follow, you can add light teas or vegetable juices.

Even some homemade, sugar- free fruit juice can relieve, hydrate and provide sugars that can support the body after excessive stress. What matters is to always act in moderation and according to how you feel, getting to reintroduce food little by little but also as soon as possible.

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