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What to eat for lunch at the office? Tips for a healthy meal

Lunch break in the office

Do you want to have a healthy and balanced meal even at work? Follow our advice on what to eat for lunch in the office without neglecting the taste!

Many people, for convenience or for reasons of time, prefer to stay in the office during the lunch break , moreover, with the new colored areas that have been established with the Covid-19 pandemic, have lunch at the bar or restaurant during the non-stop break. it is more obvious as it used to be.

If you also have lunch in the office, you must be careful not to give in to the temptation to settle for the usual sandwich, otherwise your health will lose out. It is important to maintain proper nutrition even when eating at work. Here are some tips on what to eat for lunch at the office.

What to eat for lunch in the office: practical advice

Lunch break in the office
Lunch break in the office

There are millions of Italians who eat outside the home every day, so as not to waste time during the lunch break. However, it is essential to have a balanced meal , as many eat in the office for several days a week. Sometimes a sandwich or a salad is used, simple to prepare and just as quick to consume. But this can lead to annoying health problems and dangerous food shortages , if not alternated with other foods that make your diet varied and without deficiencies.

Here’s what we recommend for your DIY takeaway lunch:

– A portion of vegetables and fruit should never be missing.

– As for the first and second, you can opt for a single dish, which is also more comfortable to carry, if you decide to cook at home.

– Remember that it is also very important to choose the cooking method carefully, better to cook steamed or grilled.

– One of the problems with taking lunch to the office is that if you eat too heavily , you risk getting drowsy and unable to work well. To avoid this annoyance, remember to consume mainly low-fat foods and choose light cooking.

– To season the dishes, use a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and your favorite spices, using salt sparingly instead.

– Do not forget a snack , preferably based on dried fruit, to chase away hunger in a healthy way in the middle of the day.

– Do not forget the water, faithful companion for a healthy diet , preferably a liter in order to drink enough every day.

Because eating in the office is good for your health

It can be uncomfortable and, for some, difficult to sustain for a long time – but actually eating lunch at the office is good for your health. In fact, by preparing the lunch box the night before (preferably just after dinner) you will have much less temptation to overdo the portions. Going to the bar, or returning home with the fridge close at hand, you may fall into temptation and eat a lot more than you should.

As you know, a healthy and balanced diet requires that we often vary the foods we bring to the table – or, in this case, to the office. By preparing the meal the day before, you can indulge your imagination and try new combinations (do you know, for example, that legumes are excellent sources of protein and can replace red meat?). In addition, the tranquility of not having to go home and do everything in a hurry will also help you with digestion: eating quietly and without haste is essential for the health of body and mind.

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