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What to eat to sleep better? Foods that promote sleep

woman sleep pillow

Sleeping well is not always easy but there are foods that can help you sleep better. Let’s find out what they are.

Sleep is a basic need that affects all living things. Many times, however, being able to sleep satisfactorily can be difficult, especially if it is difficult to fall asleep. Fortunately, there are foods that promote sleep and that if taken during the day, but especially in the evening, can help us abandon ourselves in the arms of Morpheus, making the nights certainly more pleasant.

Foods that help you sleep better

To be able to fall asleep more easily and ensure a restful night it is important to know how to choose the right foods . That is, those able to relax the body and, in particular, the nervous system. Among the many foods that can be chosen, and to which some natural remedies for insomnia can be associated, the best known are:

woman sleep pillow
woman sleep pillow

– Whole grains, rich in magnesium
– The eggs
– Dried fruit
– The salmon
– The blue fish
– Dairy products (except aged cheeses)
– Bananas, cherries and grapes (in small quantities)
– Some vegetables such as red radicchio, pumpkin and cabbage
– Legumes
– Relaxing herbal teas

Foods that don’t sleep

Now that we have seen which foods are suitable for better sleep, let’s also find out which are the foods that do not make you sleep . In this way, we will avoid making mistakes, ensuring that we have peaceful nights and rest in the best way. The foods you should therefore have are:

– Tea
– The chocolate
– The coffee
– Snacks and snacks rich in sugar
– Spicy spices like curry or paprika
– Fatty foods
– Fried foods
– Melon and fruit with diuretic effects
– Tomatoes
– Oranges and mandarins
– The red meat
– The sugary drinks
– Energy drinks
– The alcohol

By following these precautions and choosing a comfortable and noise-free environment from outside, in which to spend the night, sleeping will no longer be a problem and in the morning you will get up more refreshed and refreshed than ever.

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